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The writer of the essay "Applying to the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies" has been inspired to apply to the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies because of the expectation of the ideal institution that will help him fulfill his academic and career goals…
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Applying to the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies
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Applying to the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

I have been inspired to apply to the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies because of the expectation that it is the ideal institution that will help me fulfil my academic and career goals. As one of the most prominent institutions of higher learning in Romania, I find it to be the best place to start on my career development through enrolling for a degree in Business and Tourism. A career in this sector has been a dream for me for several years now and I believe that the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies has the facilities that will help me to achieve my dreams. During my years of study at this institution, I plan to find a job in the field of business and tourism because I believe that it will enhance my knowledge concerning the various issues that I will have to deal with in the field once I graduate. Moreover, it is part of my long-term academic goal to continue my master studies in this same institution because I believe that it is the best place for me to learn and study more about the field under the supervision of highly skilled instructors.
Among the most important factors that have recommended the Academy to me are the opportunities that I will have to volunteer, participate in Olympiads, as well as the various competitions that it has to offer. I have had a history of volunteering for diverse projects and institutions, which I believe, will better serve my society. The most memorable of these voluntary activities were participating in the Youth for Youth Foundation, being a delegate in for the European Youth Parliament, and taking part in the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise. As a result of my voluntary activities, I have been awarded a number of certificates among which are those related to the economy and social responsibility. I have also been an active participant in school Olympiads the most noteworthy of which were in English, Sociology and Psychology. Moreover, since I was a child, I have always had a competitive spirit and this inspired me to participate in a number of sporting competitions, and most recently, I was a part of my high school handball team for four years.
At the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, I intend to register for a diverse number of extracurricular activities in order to ensure my personal development. Among these is taking part in competitions, taking on voluntary activities, as well as participating in exchange programmes so that I can broaden my horizons concerning other institutions of learning. It is my belief that at the Academy, I will be able to not only become a part of an institution with a long history of academic excellence, but also have an opportunity to interact with a diverse number of people from different backgrounds. These interactions will enable me to become more effective in my professional life while at the same time helping me to develop into a more responsible global citizen. Read More
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