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The diverse religious and ethical beliefs practiced by citizens across different nations can significantly affect the operations of multinational enterprises. The most challenging circumstances customarily arise when multinational enterprises venture into markets, where the…
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Week 8
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Week Eight Discussion Questions Question One What are the implications for international business of differences in the dominant religion and/or ethical system of a country?
The diverse religious and ethical beliefs practiced by citizens across different nations can significantly affect the operations of multinational enterprises. The most challenging circumstances customarily arise when multinational enterprises venture into markets, where the consumers and work force harbor different beliefs to those held by the organization (Shapiro, 2010). In some markets for example, religious harmony and spiritual peace is highly regarded than hard work. At the same time, segments of markets exist where the ideologies of the female gender are not considered. In such instances, the management of multinational enterprises is always forced to the extra mile, in order to strike an ideal balance without compromising their core values, an approach that takes additional resources.
Question Two
How might widespread public ownership of business and extensive government regulations impact the efficiency of business?
Widespread public ownership and extensive government intervention somewhat presents a mixed bag for businesses. This perception is fundamentally because in as much as a section of business administrators have overtime reaffirmed that implementing some of the policies put forward by the government such as antitrust laws is a waste of both time and resources, government input has come in handy in some situations. This includes providing the businesses with information that can give them an edge over their competitors and financial loans during harsh economic conditions. Similarly, it is believed that government interventions always safeguard consumers and ensure that businesses protect the environment, hence ensuring that the businesses are in good books with the market.
Question Three
A democratic political system is an essential condition for sustained economic progress.
The relationship between democracy and economic growth has often brought up conflicting ideas, for some economic analysts hold the perception that in some instances autocratic leaderships can act as a basis for growth, as was the case during the tenure of Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore ( Nonetheless, it is important to note that a democratic political system is essential for sustained economic progress. This is because democracy, when properly practiced naturally leads to a prosperous and stable economy. This is because most of the rich nations that have sustained rapid economic growth overtime are stable democracies, while most of the poor countries are either brutal dictatorships or dysfunctional democracies.
Shapiro, A. C. (2010). Multinational Financial Management (9th Ed.). New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons
Wall Street Journal. (2007). Is Democracy the Best Setting for Strong Economic Growth? Accessible at:
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