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Dunns Emporium Experiences Growth - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of the report is to create a leadership plan which enables Joseph Dunn to continue with his expansion plan for the company. The study also emphasizes the role of Dunn as a leader as well as a relationship builder to motivate his employees to achieve organization goal…
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Dunns Emporium Experiences Growth
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Download file to see previous pages Leadership is the process of motivating, empowering, influencing and communicating with people to achieve organizational goals in a given situation. The role of a leader is to encourage the team to work towards the goal, define the task by providing a structure, classify the decorum, policies and the working methods for the team and evaluate the performance to enhance the individual development of the team. Therefore a leader motivates, encourages, guides creates followers, controls, negotiates and inspires the team for quality performance achievement. Joseph Dunn needs to act as a motivator and encourage the staff of Dunns Ski Emporium and The Deli to acknowledge his decision of the merger. He would act as a mediator to enable consensus among the employees. He must act as an initiator to promote innovation that can be brought in the strategic implementation of both the firm’s growth. His role as a strong leader is important to assure complete harmony among the employees of the firm by integrating the departments. He must implement working methods and behavioral conduct as well as facilitate ideas from a team which was a problem being faced in The Deli due to the new ice-cream manager, John Levitz as his arrogant behavior towards his subordinates were inappropriate and was discouraging the team to perform and coordinate among themselves.On the other hand, John was young and enthusiastic about the expansion of the ice-cream business which would benefit from the merger of the two firms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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