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Literature Review for Chapter 2 of research project - Essay Example

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In the competitive business environment the companies are putting huge pressure on the employees to increase their productivity and performances. The…
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Literature Review for Chapter 2 of research project
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Download file to see previous pages They become habituated in performing a specific type’s job and are not comfortable to accept any changes which affect their job. But the company creates pressure on them in accepting the changes which causes stress among the employees. Excessive amount of stress cause illness and results in absenteeism of employees. This type of employees cannot match up to the expectations of the company with cause stress in them. As the requirements of the company increases the stress level of the employees also increases. The organizational members need to perform better for matching up the expectation level of the company. By following the views of the researchers, strong co-operations of the companies with the employees helps them to build good connection with the organization. Financial performance of the company is also enhanced by supporting the employees for fulfilling their goals and objectives. But according to the authors the many employees are very inefficient. Work pressure compels them to deliver good performances. They often tend to delay the work process by not being present in the office. Absenteeism of employees creates huge financial loss of the companies. Absenteeism can be controlled by maintaining attendance record off organizational members in details. This will help the company to know which employees are frequently taking leaves and off. With the help of this record the companies can take necessary actions against the employees and can encourage them to actively participate in the work process. The researchers emphasize that traditional approach of preventing absenteeism is by giving punishment and rewards. But many companies follow various modern techniques for reducing absenteeism. According to the researchers organizational leaders play a vital role in reducing the stress issues of the employees by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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