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Importance of Marketing for Organization Success - Essay Example

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Among different business areas such as production, operations, accounting and economics, marketing is a comparatively young discipline which appeared in the beginning of twentieth century. The prosperity and development of marketing was basically motivated by the demand to…
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Importance of Marketing for Organization Success
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Download file to see previous pages ys marketing concept is implied in the idea, that marketing decisions must be made taking into account the needs of the customers in the first place and afterwards the process of developing and marketing services and products should be initiated by an organization (Nickels, 2008).
The major aim of marketing efforts of any organization is to establish reliable relationships with clients that are to be beneficial both for the clients and the organization. And every effort is to prove the fact that marketing plays a crucial role for the business of any size and the society as well.
Talking about marketing as a necessary business function it is vital at organizational level for non-for-profit and for-profit businesses engaged in all the industries (Nickels, 2008). As far as non-for-profit organizations are concerned marketing is to assist in process of attracting clients in order to maintain the mission of the organization which might be support or donations raise. For-profit organizations need marketing to deal with all the tasks meant to bring revenue and profits to organization. These two types of organizations will not be able to survive without a helping hand of marketing tool. The feature of marketing as the area of organizational business is implied in the interaction with the public and the opinion that is formed about the organization is the result of interaction with marketers. And thanks to advertising message a customer may believe that this or that company is creative and dynamic (Nickels, 2008).
The primary role of marketers is to establish specific relationships intended for holding value for both organization and customers, in this respect marketing professionals apply a diverse toolkit which is to serve as a spine of decision making process. The toolkit includes:
Each element in the toolkit is in tight connection and interaction with each other and as a result decisions made in one area are influential for those decisions made in other areas. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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