Examining the Sustainable Procurement Practices in the Public Sector - A Case of ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia) - Assignment Example

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The purpose is “to examine the factors responsible for the success and failure of sustainable procurement practices in the public sector by looking at the case…
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Examining the Sustainable Procurement Practices in the Public Sector - A Case of ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia)
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Extract of sample "Examining the Sustainable Procurement Practices in the Public Sector - A Case of ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia)"

ARAMCO study review The ARAMCO study Has the purpose of the study been defined? Yes, the purpose of the study is self-explanatory and the audience will not have a hard time trying to comprehend it. The purpose is “to examine the factors responsible for the success and failure of sustainable procurement practices in the public sector by looking at the case of ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia.”
Has the scope been indicated?
The scope of the study is also clearly given and I have used seven objectives to define this area, which I have accomplished in the course of the study. The seven objectives in the study acted as the yard stick of the research and they are related with the research question that needed to be addressed at the end of the study.
Is the data relevant? And representative of the field
The given data is relevant to the study. Through an extensive literature, the choice criteria ensured only data relevant to the study was used. The data is also representative of the field of study. It has dissected the procurement practices of ARAMCO and examined the factors responsible for the success and failure of sustainable procurement in a very analytical and exhaustive form. Sense has been created through comparison of several studies and internal consistency has been maintained.
Is it accurate?
Following the large array of databases I had to chose from, I will agree that the data is accurate and my arguments are also profound based on the large array of literature used. The data is accurate considering the fact that this is a secondary research and many of the sources reviewed are peer reviewed.
Has the subject matter been effectively analyzed?
The information given is very systematic and shows the chronology of events. It is divided into two sections, with section one discussing the sustainability of procurement by ARAMCO. The second part being addressed is the alternative source of energy which include solar and wind energy. The intension are full filled through exhaustive examination and dissection of the topic. The beginning of the study is captivating where a clear background is given using a study that was done by other researchers. The end of the study is conclusive where solution and recommendations are made to the problems.
In carrying out the research, an extensive research was carried out and the collected data was analyzed in order to come up with new and conclusive ideas based on the research question and synthesis of the identified data.
The paper is fluent with no errors in grammar nor style hence enhancing the reader’s understanding. The report also flows in a chronological way from the beginning to the end with a clear guidance on the process and the end results. Read More
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(Examining the Sustainable Procurement Practices in the Public Sector - Assignment)
Examining the Sustainable Procurement Practices in the Public Sector - Assignment.
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