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The writer revolves around personality and the five main types of personality. The writer however, agrees that there are a variety of traits that may describe personality. However, he claims that there are five broad dimensions of…
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What inferences can you draw from this passage What are the implications
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Personality Personality The main theme in the passage is personality’. The revolves around personality and the five main types of personality. The writer however, agrees that there are a variety of traits that may describe personality. However, he claims that there are five broad dimensions of structures of personality that a good number of researchers accept.
When a person is hardworking or has a desire to achieve as in the case of conscientiousness, the person will definitely work efficiently and optimally produce (Peterson, 1988). An industrious employee is of great importance to the organization. Such persons will work with very limited supervision and does quality work thus improving the firm’s reputation. Such hardworking employees often get promoted to higher ranks (Peterson, 1988). On the other hand, an ambitious employee feels motivated and yearns to achieve the set goals. Such a person strives to ensure that he meets the required standards of his work place and acts as a motivating factor to other workers. Such motivated workforce leads to improved output of the organization. Moreover, a contentious employee is also dependable (Peterson, 1988). They are willing to work with each other in the firm. They can help fellow workmates in doing their duty in case there is need. Conversely, if a person is not conscientious, he will be lazy, non-dependable and not ambitious (Peterson, 1988). Such persons are a nuisance to the organization and will lead to a decline in the general output of the organization.
Furthermore, another important trait is emotional stability. Just like the first case, a person who is calm, self-controlled and secure will have great positive implications to the organization (Peterson, 1988). A person who is self-controlled will always work with other employees at all situations. They know how to control their emotions and can help each other solve their problems. A secure employee works with more confidence in him (Peterson, 1988). Such employees will yield more positive results to the firm. Calmness is a virtue that calls for gentleness. Such a person earns great respect from the clients and workmates thus an improvement to the firm’s reputation (Peterson, 1988). Conversely, an employee who lacks self-confidence, is not secure, and is rude. Such will lead to destruction of the firm’s reputation thus impacts in low income to the firm.
In conclusion, courteousness and emotional stability are key identifiers of a firm’s outcome of performance and they should be upheld (Peterson, 1988).
Peterson, C. (1988). Personality. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Read More
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