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Examining the influence of culture on KFC in Chinese market - Essay Example

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It lays emphasis on the research method, philosophy, design, data collection and analysis along with its presentation. Moreover, detailed research plan is given so as…
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Examining the influence of culture on KFC in Chinese market
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Extract of sample "Examining the influence of culture on KFC in Chinese market"

Download file to see previous pages Qualitative research method is employed for accomplishing the research. Hence, questionnaires will be prepared based on the research questions (Flower, 2009). In order to obtain accurate results from the questionnaire analysis, the researcher has applied random sampling. The variables that are used in the questionnaire apply Likert scale, measuring from strongly disagrees to agree. Likert scale helps in deciphering the exact reaction of the respondents other than obtaining responses in just Yes and No (Bryman and Crame, 2011). This also assists in examining the strong opinion of the respondents regarding the questions.
The respondents of the questionnaire are customers of KFC in China. They will give their opinion based on observation and satisfaction with the food and services that are experienced in the KFC restaurants in China. All the respondents of KFC are above 18 years, who are frequent visitors at KFC. The responses are significant so as to evaluate whether KFC is able to provide them foods and services that are according to their culture in the business. Their experience with the food products and service will encourage them to give rates to the quality. In order to maintain good relation with KFC, the researcher has taken approval from the fast food giant regarding the variables that are used for measuring the quality of services and food products. The variables are also approved by the culture study experts and practitioners so as to ensure validity of the research area in the real world.
Qualitative research method is employed for accomplishing the main aim of the research. The qualitative research helps in comparing the data in cross section. It also provides information regarding the perception of the individual respondents of the survey. The qualitative research also helps in examining the responses, which aims at describing the local condition (Hennink, and Bailey, 2011). The focus group ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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