The Lemon Tree Dilemma - Assignment Example

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According to Title VII, an employer may not discriminate on any employee with regard to their religion, color, race, sex or even nation of origin. Lemon Tree violates this as the company…
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The Lemon Tree Dilemma
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Business of The Lemon Tree Dilemma Violations of VII In as much as VII is concerned, the company’s violation involves discrimination. According to Title VII, an employer may not discriminate on any employee with regard to their religion, color, race, sex or even nation of origin. Lemon Tree violates this as the company laid off some white males in the past. Mary also vows never to allow the hiring or employment of whites to her department. That demonstrates discrimination on the basis of race and color (EEOC, 2010). Mary’s comment about Jackie’s sex change also indicates discrimination on the basis of sex. Mary accuses Jackie of the leak of the formula solely because she thinks that Jackie is questionable ethically due to her sex change and therefore can easily double cross.
Actions that Call to Question the Employee’s Credibility
Jackie’s remarks about Mary would make her credibility questionable. She makes personal comments aimed at Mary and even accuses her of having an affair with Paul. That demonstrates that she has hard feelings against Mary and could possibly do anything to get back at her. On his part, Peter has drug issues. He has failed two drug tests and that would jeopardize his credibility. The use of drugs would easily affect Peter’s performance and he is likely to be careless while under the influence of the drugs. That would be a major concern to the employer as it may lead to a bigger problem for the company.
Actions that May not Be Considered
Jackie’s sex change should not form part of the reasons to question her credibility. That is because it was a personal choice and is in no way related to her work. Using it would amount to discrimination. Her complaint against Mary to the company’s compliance department should also not influence her treatment as it would also amount to discrimination. On the other hand, missing work for three months without notice would constitute a possible reason for action.
EEOC. (2010). Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Retrieved from Read More
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The Lemon Tree Dilemma Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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