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The work will argue that women and minority group soldiers often have a disadvantage when it comes to the socialization process after selection or recruitment. In an effort to…
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W5A 590 Develop the format and framework for your final project
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Final Project Format and Framework Project Diagnosing Military Recruitment al Affiliation Project Diagnosing Military Recruitment
The paper gives the format and framework for the final project on diagnosing military recruitment. The work will argue that women and minority group soldiers often have a disadvantage when it comes to the socialization process after selection or recruitment. In an effort to justify the assertion, the project will present a brief introduction to the process of diagnosing the military recruitment. Subsequently, the paper will focuses on the primary causes of the challenges that women and the minority group face, and then make suggestions for addressing the issue. The sources and solutions to the problem will constitute the paper’s literature review. Finally, the work will cover the concomitant effects of the problem to the women and minority groups before noting the areas that warrant further research on topic.
Keywords: military women, minority groups, socialization process
1. Introduction
The project paper will be addressing the issues that face women and other minority groups in any military recruitment process. In particular, the paper will show that these minority groups occasionally have a disadvantage when it comes to the process of socialization after selection. In keeping with Johnson and Clark (2014), unlike in the business world, women in the military service often lack effective mentorship to allow for the development and improvement of leadership skills. The paper will mostly dwell on the need for appropriate mentorship and motivating factors that can allow the minority groups in the military service to cope with this fundamental duty.
1.1 Problem statement. Women and other minority groups that have just joined the military always undergo both physical and psychological problems (Eden, 2015). Therefore, the project will seek to identify the most active solutions that can assist them in conquering this inevitable challenge.
2. Literature Review
The literature review will consist of two fundamental sections: the reasons for the challenges women face when joining the military service and the possible solutions to these issues.
2.1 Causes of the problems
Finley and Moore (2011) note that a majority of women and minority groups joining the military service mostly undergo both psychological and physical frustrations. The authors attribute the following issues to the prevalence of the problem: difficulty in fitting in, illnesses, command structure, and fears before and during a war. The final paper will focus on these causes and present a comprehensive account of their contribution to the identified issue.
2.2 Suggested Solutions
In line with Dunklin (2008), the definite approach to the challenge is mentorship. The author holds that informal and formal mentorship programs can considerably prevent loneliness, cultural and behavior change, communication breakdowns, and psychological problems. Finley and Moore (2011) also bolster Dunklin’s (2008) viewpoint by illustrating that both untrained and expert mentors stimulate counseling for personal development and facilitate communication between ranks. Apart from mentorship, the final project will identify other likely solutions to the problems.
3. Impacts of the Problem on Minority Group Soldiers
Hitt, Miller, and Colella (2015) note that the psychological and physical molestations that women soldiers endure may make them begin abusing drugs. Additionally, the need to satisfy the infringed desires may promote crime among the minority groups. The final paper will further identify other effects that result from the problem.
4. Suggested Areas of Research
This part of the final paper will identify the relevant matters that ought to be addressed to ensure the suggested solutions to the problem remain effective.
5. Conclusion
The final part of the project will consider the appropriateness of the paper’s position regarding the question at hand.
Dunklin, A. L. (2008). African American Men and Opportunity in the Navy: Personal Histories of Eight Chiefs. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co.
Eden, J. (2015). Women in Combat. Military Review, 95(2), 39-47.
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