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For instance, he failed to treat the whole team as a single unit. Instead, the Indian team felt like second-hand citizen because of the way they were treated (Neeley & Delong, 2009). In…
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International Business - Global Team Case Study
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Global Team al Affiliation: Global Team Question James failed to manage his global team effectively and provide the team with direction. For instance, he failed to treat the whole team as a single unit. Instead, the Indian team felt like second-hand citizen because of the way they were treated (Neeley & Delong, 2009). In addition, he failed to solve several issues that were raised by the employees, an aspect that affected their work rate and overall performance.
Question 2
James is responsible for HS Holding crisis. While setting up global team and implementing the open work strategy, he failed to set up the necessary mechanisms to improve the performance of the team (Neeley & Delong, 2009). From recruitment to compensation, James failed to address various issues such as compensation and work relationship, thereby making it hard for the team to work as a unit.
Question 3
Open work accelerated the working relationship issues in the company. For instance, more challenges such as vacation, time differences, compensation mismatch and favors claims strained the relationship between the team members. These issues could have been resolved before the starting of the program.
Question 4
Unlike the initial intention of diversity which was to give the company an opportunity to deal with varying challenges in the market, diversity made it hard for the team members to communicate (Neeley & Delong, 2009). This is because their cultural, religious, and racial differences acted as a communication barrier rather than an aspect to enable the company to have a global outlook.
Question 4
In the short term, James should improve the communication levels. This is through making it mandatory for the team members to communicate with each other at a particular time (Neeley & Delong, 2009). In addition, in the long term, he needs to develop a reward program to offer the best team members with rewards. This will motivate the team members to work as a single unit and towards a common objective.
Neeley, T., & Delong, T. J. (2009). Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc. (A). Harvard Business School. Read More
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