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Canada had a total population of approximately 35 million inhabitants in 2014. The majority of the inhabitants are Europeans followed by Asians and other minority groups (Papillon, 2014). From the total…
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BSB119- gobal business: assessment 2 Country analysis report
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Global Business A conducive business environment is the backbone for successful companies. Canada had a total population of approximately 35 million inhabitants in 2014. The majority of the inhabitants are Europeans followed by Asians and other minority groups (Papillon, 2014). From the total population, the elderly from the age of 41 years and above are the majorities with 51% of them being graduates. In 2014, women had 73.2 % population and men 65.1%. The country is governed under the monarchy system. In 2014, Canada had a total GDP of $1.992 trillion with a per capita income of $56,067 (IMFWH, 2015). The country was ranked 10th under the global per capita income index. Canada has a strong and unique culture of Quebec. Under the 2003 currency weighted index, Canada’s dollar was the second with 30.0% (Ford, 2012).
In 2014, Mexico had a total population of 118 million inhabitants. 58.96% are Mestizo Mexicans seconded by Europeans who occupy 31.05% (Buckman, 2014). The country is the 11th most populated nation globally with a majority of Spanish speaking ethnicities in the world. Their official language is Spanish. Further, the country has a federal presidential ruling system. In 2014, the country’s GDP was $1.295 trillion with a per capita income of $11,320.91. Mexico has a high percentage of crime and narcotic trafficking activities in the global index (Hemisphere & DIMFW, 2014).
In summary, Lazybones Company should operate in Canada because the country has a higher percentage of women and children population. Canada also has a greater GDP of 1.992 trillion with a per capita income of $56, 067 which indicates the higher economic stability of its citizens. Furthermore, the country was ranked eighth under the Human Development Index as compared to Mexico, which is among the notorious nations in the world, dealing with narcotics trade and crime rates.
Table 1: Demographics
Area coverage 9,984,670 km2
Area coverage 1,972,550 km2
Population 35,675,834
Population 118,395, 054
Government system Monarchy
Government system Presidential
Official Language English & French
Official Language Spanish
Women ratio 73.2%
Women ratio 97%
GDP 1.992 trillion
GDP 1.295 trillion
GDP per capita $56,067
GDP per capita $11,320
Currency Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Currency Peso (MXN)
Table 2: GPI
Labor force 19 million(2012)
Labor force 78 million(2012)
Unemployment rate 4.5% (2014)
Unemployment rate 6.6%
Public debt $19 billion(2014)
Budget deficit amount $241 billion(2014)
Inflation 1% (2014)
Inflation 4% (2014)
Gini coeffient 33.9 (2014)
Gini coeffient 48.1 (2014)
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