Three questions to be answered with main opinion, source for each answer and give an assertion - Assignment Example

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It is a leadership that has an emotional connection with a subordinates where the leader is followed because subordinates could relate to him or her (Carmeli and Josman…
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Three questions to be answered with main opinion, source for each answer and give an assertion
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Teacher This is an old business mindset. New business leadership require leaders to have some personal/emotional relationship with his or her subordinates for them to relate to the leader.
This kind of leadership is called transformational leadership which is built on emotional intelligence. It is a leadership that has an emotional connection with a subordinates where the leader is followed because subordinates could relate to him or her (Carmeli and Josman 425)
2. This is a very wrong mindset. Writings should be simplified for it to be easily understood by its readers. The very purpose of writing is to communicate and not impress readers. Complex writings can lead to miscommunication which is very fatal in a business organizations and therefore writing should be simplified (Jabilin 528). Writings should also take into account not only the level its audience proficiency but also their cultural background .
3. This is a wrong mindset. A business staff should never be busy to attend to a customer and must always apologize to any inconvenience caused. Complaints and suggestions must be welcome by the company to help them identify their areas of improvement. Customer service must always be in mind of any business organization otherwise it will lose its customers and go out of business.
Above all, apologizing and making customers feel important ensures that the business can still keep the customer despite the inconvenience caused. Business organizations must always bear in mind that they exist because of the customers and therefore, they should be mindful of the fact that “customer is always king” (Moreno) in their organization and therefore, they should not be busy to attend to the customer.
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