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The Wells Fargo company is as a result of the 1998 merger between Minneapolis-based Norwest Corporation and the subsequent acquisition of…
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Formal report for specific company
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Wells Fargo and company Wells Fargo and company is a multinational banking and financial service company with its headquarters based in San Francisco, California. The Wells Fargo company is as a result of the 1998 merger between Minneapolis-based Norwest Corporation and the subsequent acquisition of Charlotte- based Wachovia in 2008.
Product and services
Wells Fargo deals in a number of services that it lenders to its customers. The services are discussed below;
1. Consumer Banking
This is when the customer and the bank executive transact directly. The services handled at this point include; savings personal loans, debit cards and credit cards. The term distinguishes the services from investment banking, commercial banking or wholesale banking.
2. Corporate banking
A commercial bank is where the bank provides services such as accepting deposits, offering business loans from corporations or large business organisation. This is referred to as corporate banking.
3. Mortgage loans
Mortgage loan is used to purchase real property. Mortgage borrowers can be either be individuals or businesses mortgaging commercial property. In fixed rate mortgage interest rates remain fixed for life thus all the interest risk is held solely by the lender. Where by, when market interest rate go high, the lender cannot adjust the rates thus continues to earn less interest.
4. Wealth Management
This is an investment advisory discipline. It is aimed at educating potential investors on the most viable and promising investment options that would yield returns to their investments. Possible investment options include a venture in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and insurance, real estate or cash investments.
5. Slide 8 & 9
Shareholders interest
A shareholder is one who owns a part of an organisation through purchase of shares. Having made an investment in the business shareholders is concerned with assessing the profitability of their investment. All decisions made by the management should be to ensure that the shareholders interest is maximized.
With the weakening interest margins in the market, Wells Fargo’s management should develop strategic planning to ensure that they continue to attract as much customers as possible as well as encourage more investors in the organisation in view of maximization of shareholders interest. Read More
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