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Unit 3 Assignment-Marketing Strategy (Asus Computers) - Research Paper Example

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deals with a number of electronic products, especially computer materials. Some of the products that the company deals with include laptops, mobile phones, PDAs and tablet computers. Additionally, the company also stocks desktop computers, motherboards, and…
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Unit 3 Assignment-Marketing Strategy (Asus Computers)
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Download file to see previous pages The prices of the products offered by ASUSTek are some of the most competitive in the market. Case in point is that the computer products and services are procured based on prevailing market prices (ASUSTek Computer Inc., 2015).
The notebooks and ultrabooks are produced with distinct features that include thinness and lightness. Consequently, the products have multimedia and computing features not to mention the gaming materials. The tablets and mobiles are developed and categorized into tabs and pads (ASUSTek Computer Inc., 2015). The desktop computers are made with a number of components that ensure its functionality. The computers have both the input and output features that enhance their functionality. The networking products have wireless adapters, routers and antennas that enable connections to be effective (ASUSTek Computer Inc., 2015).
The company majorly focuses on emerging markets spread on a planetary scale. Most organizations and corporations are constantly seeking computing, networking and mobile phone products to assist in the delivery of services. To this extent, the company focuses on middle and big companies as a target market (ASUSTek Computer Inc., 2015). On the other hand, the company targets the middle classes who are increasingly becoming fashionable in the modern dispensation. Smartphones have become fashionable, and the company has responded by offering competitive prices to the customers to ensure that most people can acquire the products.
The company adopts discounting as a price penetration strategy across all its markets. Ideally, the company offers lower prices to some of the products that face immense competition from other materials in the market. The prices are however adjusted occasionally based on the inherent market changes. Consequently, the company uses price penetration strategy as a measure of gaining significant market share.
The company has a two-dimensional distribution strategy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Unit 3 Assignment-Marketing Strategy (Asus Computers) Research Paper.
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