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For the purpose of this study, watchdogs are those individuals, departments, civil society groups, international accountability institutions and volunteers who are charged with the role of ensuring that individual and environmental welfare takes a leading position in the…
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What should be done with watchdogs that are caught napping? For the purpose of this study, watchdogs are thoseindividuals, departments, civil society groups, international accountability institutions and volunteers who are charged with the role of ensuring that individual and environmental welfare takes a leading position in the corporate scene. Moreover, watchdogs are said to be napping when they have failed to perform their duties leading to lack social responsiveness and corporate irresponsibility.
Today, the most prevalent choice of crime appears to be the white-collar crime. In fact, Bryant, (2009) agrees that crimes of embezzlement and fraud are mainly perpetrated by individuals with advanced age and occupying senior positions in the corporate world. Research conducted on fraud has revealed that fraud perpetrators and experts of embezzlement against their employers usually do this as a result of pressure, rationalization and opportunity.
In this case, it is evident that pressure, rationalization and opportunity that results in fraud are as a result of poor internal control commonly referred to as sleeping (napping) watchdogs. In the case of opportunity, the perpetrator identifies a loophole in the control system and believes that they can fraud and goes undetected. Those who perpetrate fraud as a result of rationalization do it as a result of uncontrolled personal code of conduct. Perpetrators who respond to pressure usually have financial predicaments that motivate them to steal
This analysis highlighted above indicates that watchdogs are responsible for abating fraud crime. In this case, strict measures should be implements in order to accost irresponsibility in the control departments. To address this, watchdogs in corporations should be charged together with the perpetrators. In this case, when a person is caught having embezzled corporate fund, a litigation should not only be brought against them, but also those in charge of preventing such case.
My though concerning the watchdog site
The site, Corporate Accountability International, provides a platform where these corporate crimes of fraud and embezzlement of fund can be prevented. The organization, backed by members, activist, volunteers and allied organizations, is positioned to be instrumental in realizing a corporate scene free from white-collar crimes. With a mission of bringing to an end the life-threatening cruelty by global corporations, they ideally positioned to restore a sense of responsibility and accountability to public institutions around the world.
Having recognized how global corporations have increasing been operating beyond set limits and in total disregard of policies and guidelines, the site provides a solution that checks them. Accordingly, they are able to match corporate operations against strong global policies for human rights, public health and environmental protection.
The site portrays an ideal watchdog that is not easily compromised for economic gains. They are envisioned to democratize the civil society movements and institutions that cannot be threatened by corporate influence in policy formulation. Moreover, the institution described in this site endeavors to have people all over the world adequately meeting their fundamental needs such as food, shelter, water and good health. This will enable every individual to explore existing opportunity so that to reach their complete human potential. 
Bryant, T. (2009). The price of watching over public property. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press. Read More
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