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Using Fiber optic cables to transmit data to the central computer and to other computers, Is essential and efficient alternative to minimize cost and increase delivery They may also use coaxial or twisted pair cable due to the cost of optic cables.
Data mining is the…
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Accounting info system
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Management information systems Q1. Using Fiber optic cables to transmit data to the central computer and to other computers, Is essential and efficient alternative to minimize cost and increase delivery They may also use coaxial or twisted pair cable due to the cost of optic cables.
A prototype may be of help to use it as a working model for the main system which will demonstrate if the system will be of help to perform the job hence ascertaining the cost
Data mining is the extraction of data from the data base or large store of data .It’s a powerful new technology with great potential to help companies focus on the most important information in their data warehouse.
A company can use data mining when analyzing its recent sales force activity and their results to improve targeting marketing activities that will lead to great impact in the next few months .It can help in a transportation company to identify the best prospects for its services.
A bus topology or straight line topology is appropriate since all the computers are connected using a single cable, it involve transmission of packet data to all network nodes on the segment .the network is however cheap and simple to install and can be used by a large group of people
Using cloud computing connection of wireless device can be difficult normally when it comes to personal devices .it can be expensive to set up on a small scale cloud computing. Data ownership is a problem when it comes to cloud computing especially when you have a lot of data to deal with
It outweighs the benefit since there is no data security which will lead to other similar companies accessing data from one of its competitive company.
The network access layer transmits data over a particular hardware media in use
The internet layer used in delivering data across a series of different physical networks that connects two or more machines, thus allowing access of network to the personnel.
The host to host layer manages the control, flow and retransmission of lost data. The process layer contains protocols that help in user level functions such as file transfer
This is a protocol where messages are divided into packets before they are sent. Each packet is then sent individually which can even follow different routes before reaching to its destination. After the packets forming the message reach at their destination they are then combined to form the original message.
Extraction through data files, database system helps in exporting and unloading from the internal database in form of flat files
Data unloads and exports are used to extract data from an operational system and place the data into a file
Gateways are another operation used to extract data from an operational system and sends it to the target database.
For the company there is the primary data which can be obtained from the ground or within the company its self internally .Secondary data is be obtained from other sources that have not been fully analyzed maybe from externally.
The company can adopt the user machine system where both human and machines are involved in the performance of some activities in the accomplishment of a goal .The company can also use open system one that interacts with the environment
By the use of database it can be of help in that the management can be able to evaluate historical data and be able to know how product have been manufactured in the company hence achieving in product differentiation.
The consistency of information can help the management to get the product difference by evaluating on how they have been manufacturing the products over the years
Standards are the guidelines governing the use of the internet .The standards ensures that hardware and software produced by different people can work together
Standards establish protocols that can be understood and adopted.
They also help in the requirement of interconnectivity can be assured. In the formal standard they take several years to develop hence they will be more accurate.
De facto standards are perceived to be kind of private but they become formal when they have been accepted widely.
Brien, J (2009). Management Information Technology in the Internetworked Enterprise. Boston: Irwin McGraw –hill. Read More
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