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Business Simulation Game - Report Example

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This report "Business Simulation Game" states that Claude Footwear Company has been in existence for fifteen years. Its business exploits have been somewhat good in the industry standards. The company has been performing very well in some areas but doing poorly in others…
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Business Simulation Game
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Extract of sample "Business Simulation Game"

Download file to see previous pages Strategic management planning and implementation have been in place for six years. Our work in the office has been to implement these plans for the last three years and into the future in order to realize the full implementation.
The next three years will be about much to do with consolidating the gains made in the last three years in order to maintain the market dominance that we have gained since. There is still room for improvement in our market segment we are pursuing. In internet marketing, for example, we are relatively doing well but there are still a number of companies ahead in terms of these segment sales volumes. The same is true in private label and wholesale where competition is very high.
Claude Footwear Company's core business is the manufacturing of sports footwear. Our markets cover or divided into four geographical regions for ease of doing business; North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe-Africa. These geographic areas are covered and managed from divisional headquarters located in each. The world head office and manufacturing plant are located here in the London United Kingdom. As part of the strategic plan in the future is to put up manufacturing plants in some of the regions if we consider that it might be a strategic low-cost measure. This could be implemented sooner in emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Specialty footwear still could be a factor to consider in putting up those plans if you consider country or region specialty sports like long-distance running in East Africa, short distance, baseball, basketball, and American football in the Americas and football in Europe.
The company in the medium term is implementing, as mentioned earlier a strategic plan which includes product innovation, new product lines, marketplace scope expansion, and diversification and differentiation.  This is geared towards attaining the company’s mission and vision. The world is now an open marketplace with companies offering similar products and services making customers the king in choosing which product or service best satisfies his or her tastes and preferences. The onus is with us at Claude Footwear to develop and pursue a competitive edge that meets the customers’ needs better than our competitors. We are in the market to offer what they want at competitive rates. We are competing in price, market segmentation focus and product differentiation while at the same time meeting shareholder satisfaction (Thomson & Baden-Fuller, 2010).   We recognize that the market for footwear is more competitive than ever before despite the fact that it keeps growing year after year. Having a strategic direction is, therefore, a necessity rather than being a preserve of the elite footwear manufacturer in trying to compete in the already crowded marketplace. Competition is becoming stiffer at what can be termed as unprecedented levels. Our company must be the leader irrespective of the current conditions.
Our business is spread in four geographical regions covering the world; Latin America, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe-Africa. These regions and particular countries in the named geographical places can present an enormous challenge insurmountable by uniform or common strategy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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