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Portfolio for Business model Generation - Book Report/Review Example

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My current roles will be described and my values will be analyzed. In order to develop my performance in future, certain critical success factors and short along with long-term objectives have been…
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Portfolio for Business model Generation
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Download file to see previous pages on the above depicted values, I highly valued the factor of ‘synergy’, as this leads towards my personal development in the form of removing any sort of complexity and making quick judgments about any topic. By considering this value, my motive is to drive effective behavior for an individual with synergy, which may result in generating varied positive outcomes. These positive outcomes can be judged in the form of taking various effective decisions, utilizing the available resources efficiently and promoting innovation in every business or operational aspect. I strongly believe that this particular value of mine i.e. synergy would enable me to build communication with others and likewise, share my thoughts, ideas as well as opinions with them for the attainment of the aforementioned targets. Based on the value of synergy, I want to value more business or organizational procedures to be organized and functional. In accordance with my value of synergy, it will be vital to mention that I do reveal a constructive attitude towards the factor of diversity along with its prevailing differences that go with change. This practice may lead to transferring knowledge to the individuals and developing new ideas for dealing with any sort of risk and complexity.
Apart from the above discussed value, my second value lays in driving effective behavior for an individual with identification. Based on the value of identification, my energy remains focused on ‘fitting in’ and remaining a part of a set group. This might help in working collaboratively with others and set future directions as well as for making further developments in different areas. While remaining as a part of a specific set of group, my goal is to keep every individual together and assure them with developed safety along with security. Based on the value of identification, I would like to place utmost value on maintaining loyalty as well as reliability for attaining success in future. It will be vital to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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