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ExxonMobil implementation structure will adopt four main programs namely financial program, customer program, internal business program and learning and growth program that are aligned to the company’s mission and objective. The petroleum and petrochemical company seeks to be…
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CEO Project-EXXON Mobil
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Implementation Implementation ExxonMobil implementation structure will adopt four main programs ly financial program, customer program, internal business program and learning and growth program that are aligned to the company’s mission and objective. The petroleum and petrochemical company seeks to be an outstanding mark in the world business frontier by achieving profound financial results at the same time maintaining exemplary levels of ethical standards. Market capitalization of 361.19B has already placed the company above competitors like BP and CVX, thus ExxonMobil every management strategic positioning or decision will be single handedly implemented to ensure the petroleum company to continue to shine and outperform in the oil sector.
The four implementation programs will be aligned to protect the vast shareholders’ interests by ensuring profitability in its subsequent financial years, meet the ever changing customer preference in an innovative and responsive manner that continuously meets target market customers’ needs, bud an aggressive high qualified employee workforce that conforms to the global standards and finally run environmentally safe business that protects community interest.
Financial program
Financial program implementation will take the initiative of finance department restructuring to create financial policies that are able to cater for the per barrel cost that eat into the annual profits, increase the company’s liquidity and mitigate any financial risks that are associated with poor disaster relief methods. The major activity will entail the financial management and team is effectively trained to embrace the newer technology in management of the financial systems that provide good results. Exxon Mobil has the funds to facilitate technological systems that streamline the processing of the oil to meet customers’ specifications and hence make more profit for the company (Rea, 2015). The financial strategy will be communicated to the shareholders for purposes of accountability.
Customer programs
Customer programs main objective is to meet customer needs. This is outright from the Exxon Mobil mission and objective which is to be the preferred world’s premier petroleum and petrochemical company. This particular clause envisions a company that has its priority in developing products that satisfies the diversified customer base, for instance, the introduction of SCAN fining process that eliminates sulfur which is deadly to automobile engines.
Internal business programs
ExxonMobil has adopted an implementation strategy that makes use of its existing employee base of 75,300 employees other than absorbing new employees conserving its capital base of $361.19 (Exxon Mobil, 2015). Value addition will require the top most managers to undergo training and value enhancement courses by experts in the oil and gas industry which will focus on importance of technology empowerment and increase in production. The company has a well spelt out corporate structure that guides the business to achieve its mission and objectives.
Learning and Growth Program
Exxon Mobil growth program is pegged on the corporate culture of the company that gives priority to customer needs. The corporate culture gives both the management and the average employee equal opportunities without favor to foster a productive culture that is focused on performance and customers’ needs. The corporate management is making sure an expansion strategy is put in place in terms of oil exploration and expanding foreign markets that is key to increasing the company’s revenue.
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CEO Project-EXXON Mobil Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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