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The paper "Haiyi Hotels" describes Haiyi Hotels is a well-known management company based in San Francisco, California, including a group of five centrally located boutique hotels located in San Francisco. Boutique hotels have an aggregate throughput of 515 rooms…
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Haiyi Hotels
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1-800 Visions 800 Visions Haiyi Hotels is a known hotel management company based in San Francisco, California, including a group of five centrally situated boutique hotels all located in San Francisco. The boutique hotels have a cumulative capacity of 515 rooms. Its 1-800 number is +1-800-444-5816 (
The vision statement of this company in San Francisco is "to become a well-known boutique hotel management company and establish unique hotels with their independent character and style" ( The hotel management company has a sense of the future. Its aim is to become a leading hotel management company with single and autonomous establishments, guided by a distinctive culture (character and style) defined by the target market and the location.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Haiyi hotels – comprising Best Western Americanas, Carriage Inn, Good Hotel, Hotel Metropolis and Hotel Vertigo – is the vision carrier and overseer. He holds the primary responsibility for defining and implementing strategies aimed at realizing the vision of the company. The vision of Haiyi Hotels is more of a concept than a particular goal. The attainment of the vision of this organization is a result of a myriad of ideas laid out in the core values of the company.
First, the company’s executive’s commitment to offering effective leadership, will propel the business forward to attaining the leading position that the vision aims at achieving. Innovative practices, creative thinking, and an entrepreneurial spirit define this duty.
Secondly, the company’s culture of integrity, honesty, and ethics in all facets of business coupled with respect that honors each guest’s individuality is an important milestone in achieving the vision. These values give the company an upper hand in tailoring customer service to fit customers’ specifications and expectations. The company hopes to build on the already strong and loyal customer base, as achieved by a keen observance of the values mentioned above, to venture into new locations and better their services in the existing establishments.
A genuine connection with the environment and neighborhoods and the communities in which the hotel company operates is of fundamental importance in the realization of the vision. Information about the market and customer expectations are of invaluable significance in the company’s vision of having autonomous establishments that have unique cultures. Maintaining such a connection with the neighborhood and the communities gives the company an assurance of a continuous flow of authentic and spot-on information at no or very low costs. The relationship gives the company a competitive edge over its competitors.
Reference,. Soma Hotel Haiyi Hotels San Francisco, CA. N.p., 2015. Web. 21 Feb. 2015. Read More
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Haiyi Hotels Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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