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Effective Leadership in Virgin Group Company - Assignment Example

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This discussion stresses that the measurement of leadership is crucial to the organization. Effective leadership will benefit the development of the organization. It could be measured by checking out the performance of the team that is employed for doing a particular task…
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Effective Leadership in Virgin Group Company
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Download file to see previous pages Sir Branson has the quality of effective leadership, and he has the quality of being punctual and gives results to the organization. He also ensures that other employees working for him should consider the efficiency an important factor in their performance. Punctuality and hard works are the best things to measure the performance of the leader in the organization. He is famous in an organization because of his quality of the risk taker. The risks on investments are clearly identified by Sir Branson.
The outcomes of the performances of the employees are the proof that the leadership of the organization is working effectively to enhance the position of the organization. Sir Branson communicates the requirement of the work to its employees in the much better way to increase the efficiency of workers. His workers easily got the idea about the instructions of their leader. Past performances of the employees of the organization are the evidence that the leadership is quite effective and efficient. The leader of the organization could be made more effective if the leader does not change for a couple of years. Unnecessary changing the leader because of the reason except the performance will be harmful to the organization.
Performance of the effective leader could be recognized for his contribution towards the organization. His qualities of performance will put a reflection that has put a positive impact on the organization.Sir Branson is the quality of a passionate leader that take into his account the performance of the employees of the organization. He always remains punctual and teaches others to be punctual. Hardworking practices of the CEO of the company could be seen in the financial reports of the company for past many years. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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