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Many think that in order for one to be successful within the athletics industry, one has to be excellent in the field work only, but that is not the case. Essentially, a trainer has to take an instructional class so that they can learn how they can be more effective trainers and…
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Gaining a foot ahead in the athletic industry
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Gaining a foot ahead in the athletic industry Many think that in order for one to be successful within the athletics industry, one has to be excellent in the field work only, but that is not the case. Essentially, a trainer has to take an instructional class so that they can learn how they can be more effective trainers and train their athletes to be ready to face bother track races. The Training the trainer program is a tool that trains and prepares the members of staff within a district for leadership roles so as to ensure that new learning is applied (Killion & Harrison 260). This implies that this program expands on the available training opportunities because it allows trainers to be able to understand how to train adults and their learning patterns. However, the trainers might have the desire to learn so as to be able to train others, but the resources provided by the district might not be adequate enough to support this program. This might be a challenge, but it does not necessarily mean that it is unachievable as it is a necessity if the district is to create a professional learning environment.
In order to cut on the cost of Training the trainer, it is important for schools to do this internally rather than having to implore the services of outside staff to conduct the training because outsourcing can be an expensive venture. External consultants can offer the same training, but do so at exorbitant rates, meaning that training internally can be the preferable way because it will be able to cut on the costs. Internal training can also provide ongoing support when the trainers are implementing the training program as this can help the educators to make the necessary changes as per the advice the trainers may receive from their trainers.
Internal training is also the best way to go because the trainers are more familiar with the school curricular used meaning that they may not find it hard to apply the program as compared to external trainers that may have to understand the curricular before they can commence work (261f). Therefore, internal trainers are able to align professional training with the cultural attributes, policies and curriculum so as to ensure that the program applied becomes a success. Additionally, professional learning also requires that a teacher combines it with instructions so as to be able to support the learning needs of the students and also gauge what they should be taught.
In summary, involving external trainers for the Training the trainer program can be expensive and might force a school to increase their school fees, meaning that it would be costly to the parents to support it. In most cases, schools have tight budgets that can only accommodate for a training method that is affordable to them, meaning that internal training can be the best solution when a school intends to have professional training for the students. The costs for the internal trainers such as travel costs are also lower as compared to those of hiring external trainers because having them come from near the school allows the training to take more time rather than being spent on travelling (262). Lastly, internal trainers can challenge other teachers and train them to be professional at the same time, which in turns renews their commitment to their work and influence the overall success of their school.
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Killion, Joellen and Harrison, Cindy. Training the Trainer. Chapter 23. Read More
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