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Being in a market driven economy, enterprise are always on the look-out on how to make products better, cheaper and useful. This makes them competitive in the market…
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Growth Innovations
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Comment Affordability of products is a natural consequence of innovation, sophistication of technology and efficiency. Being in a market driven economy, enterprise are always on the look-out on how to make products better, cheaper and useful. This makes them competitive in the market and thus, relevant and profitable. They have no choice but to maintain that competitiveness in the market (that requires innovation, better technology and efficiency) otherwise, competition will devour as consumers will shift to companies with better and cheaper products.
This trend is serves the industry well and will ultimately benefit the consumers. There may be products that will be rendered obsolete by technology, cost and trend but there will always be new opportunities to create new products and services that will serve existing need or create new one. In sum, the benefit will always outdo the cost.
The classic example is the bulky personal computers we have at work and at home. There is no question that our computers can do a lot of things from surfing the net to creating designs. But sometimes, they are just too complicated and too bulky for our needs (Bajarin, 2013). The advent of the smartphones served consumers with just what they need plus the mobility which PCs could never do. It has become so user-friendly that pundits even say that it could kill the PC industry (Arthur, 2011).
Arthur, C. (2011, June 5). How the smartphone is killing the PC. Retrieved February 9, 2015, from
Bajarin, T. (2013, February 25). Why Your Smartphone Will Be Your Next PC | Retrieved February 9, 2015, from Read More
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Growth Innovations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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