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How to Deal with Global Economic Crisis - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In this essay, the author demonstrates how he will try to change the education system in developing countries to ensure that the natives are equipped with the necessary knowledge. And describes how the government in developing countries employs qualified personnel to lay the best strategies…
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How to Deal with Global Economic Crisis
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Download file to see previous pages Education is the basic element of societal and industrial development. Acquiring a degree in an economic and business program is a huge step to help me change the world. This degree will equip me with analytical skills, leadership skills, better judgments, and decision-making. These values are essential in formulating the best way to assist my government to develop a better education system that will equip the youths with important knowledge that will raise their living standards, make them more innovative knowing that improving their earnings will improve the economy of the country (Avery, Walker & Murphy, 2001). Lack of qualified personnel in major government offices is a major contributor to developing countries suffering during any global crisis. Acquiring this degree will be the first step towards being employed in the government finance office, treasury or corporation whereby I will use the acquired skills to prove to the government the need of changing and developing the education system. I would help the government in major decision-making processes and ensure more funds are invested in developing education.
In the next 10 years, technological changes will affect business in various ways both positively and negatively. The Internet is a major technological change that has shaped the current globalization strategy by easing communication thus ensuring that companies can sell or advertise their products via the internet. The companies thus lower advertisement costs. The buyers benefit from having a wider variety of goods and services to choose from according to the quality and prices of the goods sold on the Internet. The quality of goods and services has improved due to technological changes. In the next 10 years, the quality will be higher and ways of transactions. Technological change may also lead to workers losing their jobs due to mechanization and other intermediaries or brokers will lose jobs due to a simpler way to run businesses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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