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For instance, every day at the settled time we had meetings to discuss the main results of our work. In addition, we were aware what exactly our manager required from us to provide the high…
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In my working experience in restaurant, the manager tried to apply Quality management. For instance, every day at the settled time we had meetings todiscuss the main results of our work. In addition, we were aware what exactly our manager required from us to provide the high quality of restaurant service. In this context, waiters knew their plan from managers, cookers told the others the dishes that are ready to expire, and managers gave examinations to the newcomers. In my opinion, the very idea of these gatherings was effective. In theory, they enabled direct communication between different ranks within the restaurant hierarchy, the staff was aware of restaurant’s vision, and everyone saw all the achievements and failures of colleagues.
Nevertheless, the main weakness of this construct in the reality was that the personality of manager did not fit this role. In my case, these meetings turned to suffering. Every day, we were bored listening how the most experienced waiters discussed their achievements with manager, while the others we blamed for their mistakes. In addition, the vision of restaurant melted in the details our manager noticed. Thus, it is crucial to maintain fragile balance within the quality management not to destroy its effectiveness. This situation showed that quality management is not only about boring daily meetings. On the contrary, it is about the way the leader understands his mission in providing the highest quality services to customers. If he is incapable to comprehend it, quality management does not work accordingly. Read More
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BUS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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