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These changes have been facilitated by the increasingly linguistic mistakes in the emails being sent to the company officials which are an indication of a lack of style and…
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Routine and Goodwill Email
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John Smith 1199 New York 15th January All Employees Happy Enterprises New York RE: EMAIL POLICY I would like to announce a new email policy in the workplace that is to be used effective as of tomorrow. These changes have been facilitated by the increasingly linguistic mistakes in the emails being sent to the company officials which are an indication of a lack of style and respect for authority figures.
I expect for the changes in linguistic errors to be corrected. The other policy will involve the length of the email which is supposed to be short and to the point unless the email is a report. Lastly, the speech like qualities evident in most emails is encouraged but only in the cases of informal emails between colleagues and not to the officials.
This email policy applies to all members of the company and response as well as questions about the policy should be forwarded through the same email bearing in mind the new policy and rules that have been created. This policy is meant to improve communication and minimize incidence of miscommunication.
It is important for email communication to be clear but yet raise the important issue. Email communication in the offices has become the most common form of communication and hence it is time to set new email policy (Ober 108). The policy is meant as a guide as well as offer uniformity in the official emails being sent in the office. The policy has focused on length of the email, its grammar as well as the quality of the information (Grabinger 5).
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