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The Brazilian government has worked efficiently to ensure that it has policies that are attractive to both local and foreign investors, who are willing to invest in the country. This has been done by removing or reducing the bureaucracy that is involved in getting work permits,…
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Case Study on Brazil The Brazilian government has worked efficiently to ensure that it has policies that are attractive to both local and foreign investors, who are willing to invest in the country. This has been done by removing or reducing the bureaucracy that is involved in getting work permits, licenses and general registration of organizations and businesses. The government has been at the forefront in offering incentives to the investors in terms of loans or free tax zones to encourage investment (Diniz, 2014).
Brazil is one of the leading green energy producers in the world. It relies heavily on these renewable sources of energy for home and commercial purposes. These include solar, wind, and hydraulic energy systems. Brazil has subsidized the equipment required for the renewable energy installations such as the solar panels and wind turbines in order to encourage further use of renewable energy. This has greatly contributed to Brazil being self-reliant in terms of meeting its energy needs, which has, in turn, placed the economy at a vantage point to be able to take advantage of arising opportunities (International Labour Office., & International Institute for Labour Studies, 2011).
Brazil, as a country, is richly equipped in terms of mineral resources. It has large reserves of natural gas, which are used in running cars and other machines. Brazil has the highest natural gas deposit than other countries. For example, it has coal reserves that are used in power stations and for operating trains (International Labour Office., & International Institute for Labour Studies, 2011). Additionally, it also produces Uranium used for the production of nuclear energy. Brazil is ranked as the twelfth in terms of oil production in the whole continent. In addition to the renewable sources of energy already in use, it also produces ethanol, which is a by-product of sugarcane that is used for running cars and other basic energy uses. Brazil sources all its energy from its reserves thus no need to source any energy source from outside, and this ensures its self-reliance. Brazil is highly industrialized because of the availability of local sources of energy thus making it the major powerhouse in the South American region (Diniz, 2014).
The Brazilian population is significant in its strategic positioning as a nation. It has been on the steady increase over the recent years. This is essential for the provision of labour and market for goods produced. This has led to many investors choosing to do business in Brazil since it has better working policies, cheaper labour, and ready market for goods and services as compared to nations in the west.
The presence of large ports opens up Brazil to the whole world. This enhances trade with the world and with those South American states that are land locked. Additionally, its climate is very favourable especially for farming. The ability of Brazil to produce enough food for its people and still have enough to export has played a key role to its economic growth (Diniz, 2014).
Strategic partnerships with countries such as China and others nations in the west are also key in its strategic competitiveness. The rising economic ties with the East Asia countries demonstrated by the increase in trade between the two blocks make the Brazilian market even more favourable to investors. Investors are also attracted to the market because of the attractive social policies enacted by the government (International Labour Office., & International Institute for Labour Studies, 2011).
International Labour Office., & International Institute for Labour Studies. (2011). Brazil: An innovative income-led strategy. Geneva: ILO.
Diniz, C., & Palgrave Connect (Online service). (2014). The luxury market in Brazil: Market opportunities and potential. Read More
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