Globalization and Technology Changes in Starbucks Company - Research Paper Example

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In the essay “Globalization and Technology Changes in Starbucks Company,” the author discusses globalization and technological changes as the major driving force in today’s business. Starbucks Company has not been spared the impacts of these changes as its growth continues…
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Globalization and Technology Changes in Starbucks Company
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Download file to see previous pages Here the company has carefully expanded its products and expertise to reflect new channels, products, and markets. Today Starbucks Company proudly offers its newly acquired customers assorted iconic beverages as well as new menu choices that reflect their community preferences. Technological advancement has in the recent days proven as offering certain companies a competitive edge over other similar companies. Changes in technology have equally been associated with growth in the competitiveness. Starbuck Company takes this idea seriously and has been in the forefront initiating new technological operations. Using this technology Starbuck has realized benefits ranging from administrative functions, management of our supply chain, online business, point-of-sale processing and payment at the stores and online, Starbucks Cards. There is no doubt that technology has boosted Starbucks operations and profitability, thanks to its inherent effectiveness and efficiency elements. Globalization and technological changes have seen the Starbuck grow its market outside America to include the China and Asia Pacific segment and the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) segment. The former segment at one point became the fastest growing market delivering about 27% of the total growth in 2013. Ideally, Globalization and technological changes allowed the company to increase its market and thus increase its Net Revenues from $9.8 billion in 2009 to $14.9 in 2013(STARBUCKS CORPORATION Fiscal 2013 Annual Report, 2014).
 Starbuck success is no secret and no one can doubt its standing among its equals; however, there is still much room for better performance. Maybe one of the ways this company can ensure its returns go above –average is by keeping up the search for more distribution channels in its US market and offer a wide range of food to complement its beverage business. Such is the case that this move will increase the average customer check. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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