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First, the scope maybe limited because it only takes into account what one would be in a position to manage within such a short duration. This involves leaving out other…
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Unit 5 Min
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Impacts of Crushed Schedule on the Scope and Budgetary Allocation Katrina Robinson CSU Impacts of crush Schedule on Scope and Budgetary Allocation Rushing a birthday party has immense impact on both the budget and the scope of the initial planning. First, the scope maybe limited because it only takes into account what one would be in a position to manage within such a short duration. This involves leaving out other essential activities that could have made the event more lively and enjoyable. Preparation for entertainment requires ample planning and time to take on board the desires of the invited guests. Such activities may require enough time to either procure or access the services. Given that time would be limited, one would opt out of such plans and seek alternatives that may not replicate the initial products. Besides, this may raise the initial budget of entertainment from $50 to $100. For instance, if the project manager intended to hire an excellent decorator with a tight schedule, he or she may settle for alternative personnel who may not produce the much needed outfit decoration as earlier planned. However, in a situation when the program schedule is crashed, one may miss out on the essential items during the planning because time would not allow extensive coverage of everyone’s needs for entertainment.
Lengthy planning gives the manager in charge of the project enough time to bargain and find cheap yet quality equipments for the party. This has a direct impact on the amount spent to see the event to fruition without incurring unnecessary costs. Attendance for the party is very important. When the birthday party is rushed through a crashed program, it has a general impact on the number of people invited who may finally attend. People have busy schedule, they require enough time to plan other activities to create time to attend the party. Crashed schedule may mean reduced attendance to the birthday party. Besides, one would have no alternative than to purchase readily available equipments like tents for the party, which may cost more than $100. This makes the party expensive and unrealistic. The rushing of the project will have a severe impact on the cost, selection of appropriate equipments for the party, and the number of invited guests who may attend the party.
When the attendance is not guaranteed on the material day, losses will be incurred because food items and other drinks incurred will go into waste. Besides, a larger tent may have been procured yet fewer number of the invited guests may attend the event. This makes the party expensive to the organizers. Read More
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Unit 5 Min Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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