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I hereby wish to reiterate the progress that i have been able to make in the efforts ad input that I have done to make the operations of the Simply Airline improve. While in the process of ensuring the operations are effective, I managed to raise the salespersons from 1 to 2 in…
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Excel Assignment
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Dear Owner of Simply Airline,
I hereby wish to reiterate the progress that i have been able to make in the efforts ad input that I have done to make the operations of the Simply Airline improve. While in the process of ensuring the operations are effective, I managed to raise the salespersons from 1 to 2 in the first and second quarters and even raise the wage to $18000 for each employee. This was a good move as it motivated them to work harder, loyally and even be determined on operations of the business. In this context therefore, It is important to highlight that better remunerations to n employee is always a good move as they ill always feel they are cared for.
The airline is also socially responsible in ensuring that it relates well with the public. Good relationship with the public is a good move and this helped the airline to increase its profit margins. It can also be noted in the table 1 of sheet 2 that the revenues of the airline were increasing as the sales continued in different quarters. This can as well be seen with the increment in the net profit of the business. Success of a business is seen by increment in profits, reduction in expenses or even when the production gets reduced further while the passengers realize the full consumption of the commodity.
In my position as the sales and marketing director, I use all the resources within my proximity in the attracting of passengers to use our airline and make them know and came to reality that the services we offer are of high quality and that they cannot regret the value of their money after the consumption of the transport service.
A lot of factors need to be well addressed by the management on the operations of the airline effectively and efficiently. In this, it is worth considering that the airline is operating in different market and with the expansion, it is therefore important for the management to do proper supervision on the staff in the other markets as well as thorough auditing of the financial records that are prepared by the accountants in those markets. In this regard, what can been be very useful to prevent any losses that may rise due to in accuracy, omission and commissions.
The management should also give discounts to the passengers who make online reservations as this will make most of them o book online whenever will want to travel. Online reservation is a good way to save the time for the various passengers as it also reduces the cost of spending say for the people living far away from the operating locations of the airline. It is also a safer way since cash is directly sent to the account thereby theft and fraud is highly controlled. Passengers should also be escorted with security personal all through the journey so that they are assured of their security.
Yours faithfully,
Sales and Marketing Director
Damondaran, A. “The Debt-Equity Trade Off: The Capital Structure Decision,” Stern School of Business retrieved on 21, Nov, 2012, (2010) Read More
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