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Panera Bread Case Study - Research Paper Example

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Throughout the decade of eighties and nineties, the name of Panera Bread was popular among the all the nationally operated…
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Panera Bread Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages The company has been quite fortunate to be mentioned by the Wall Street Journal as the one of the middle sized café which provides excellent service and superior quality food to its customers. The management structure went through changes during the year 2007 which assisted the company to focus more clearly on the designed goals. As of 2013, Panera Bread has been operating in Canada as well as in more than thirty states and successfully delivering its authentic bread in a warm and cozy ambience by ensuring efficient service.
The mission of Panera Bread is based on the concept of ‘A loaf of bread in every arm’. Panera’s aim is to emphasize much on its strategy of Bread Leadership in which they strive to offer fresh bread to savor the taste buds of its customers across the US states and Canada.
The management staff at Panera is well aware of its goals and objectives and ensures that the best product, service and ambience is experienced by the customers at both company operated and franchises of Panera Bread. Freshly baked bread that is made available to all its cafes everyday serves as the differentiating feature for Panera bread and all the efforts are directed towards the achievement and maintenance of this key feature.
The key strategy of Panera is to keep itself updated technologically and innovatively in such a way that it stands strongly in competition. The mission statement of Panera serves as the driving force for its strategy. Panera keeps revising and updating its menu so as to meet the organic and healthy food requirements of its customers. The price of food charged at Panera is a little higher than those of its rivals because Panera believes in delivery real quality to its customers in terms of product, ambience and service and it cannot risk this goal by offering cheap rates for customers’ attention. Strengthening the differentiation feature of freshly baked bread reaching the restaurants of Panera Bread everyday is also a key part of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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