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The hospitality industry includes a very broad category of fields which are accommodation (hostels, hotels and resorts), restaurants and bars (cafes, pubs, clubs and bars), transport and…
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Download file to see previous pages This paper is narrowing the hospitality industry to discuss the hotel industry alone (hostels, hotels and resorts). In addition, this paper will discuss whether the hotel industry is perfectly competitive or not.
The hotel industry is very competitive with lots of giant hotel companies in the market (Enz, 65). These hotels and resorts have huge finances thus give each other high and on toes competition. Huge finances ensures the hotels offer the best packages, best food variety and standards, best facilities with additionalinfrastructures like gyms, spas, Jacuzzi, internet, cableTV, Wi-Fi , salons and barber shops and many more . This industry no few firms can claim dominance because they are each giants in their own ways.Althoughin 2014, a list of the best hotels in the world included a few like the Hilton hotels, Fairmonthotels, the Four Season hotels, intercontinental hotels and the Grand Regency.
A typical hotel business includes a building with a part set for the restaurant where clients can eat and drink. It may also contain a small side bar where smokers and alcoholic drinks are served where only adults are allowed entry. A typical hotel can also have rooms where clients can book to spend the nights. Other facilities like a telephone booth and ATM machines can be included. The management includes a manager, supervisors, waiters, cooks and cleaners(Barrows, Clayton & Thomas, 109). Also a person handling finances may be included.
The hotel market is open to all thus serves a large number of consumer. In fact hotels are the most used services after transport and fashion because people have to eat daily and event take place daily. This is because due to the harsh competition every hotel has to package its services at a cost friendly price in order of the target market. This means everybody has his or her standard where they can find cost and quality attractive at the same time. According toHarris et al, hotels make an average of 4410 pounds ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Select Writter Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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