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Negotiation involves sitting down round a proverbial table with other parties or companies tied to the agreement. Parties to the deal sit and reveal the details of the contract…
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Negotiation strategies
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Negotiation strategies Introduction Before reaching any business agreement, parties involved will always need to negotiatefirst. Negotiation involves sitting down round a proverbial table with other parties or companies tied to the agreement. Parties to the deal sit and reveal the details of the contract. Negotiation, however, has some strategies that can lead to its success if well followed. Some of the strategies include breaking the negotiation into parts and understanding the significance of the negotiation. Other strategies include demonstrating understanding of the context and why proposition you gave was better and showing both sides of the value among other strategies. Steve Jobs used some of these tips in his email negotiation.
Negotiation Tips
Steve Jobs applied the understand importance of negotiation tip. From the emails, Steve Jobs engaged into a phone call conversation without haste with Murdoch. Despite his busy schedule, he understood that some bargains are too significant to avoid. He needed all the major publishers, including Harper Collins, to show his eBooks. Further, Steve Jobs also understood the importance of caving on what he felt he required with one publisher. He as well understood that if other potential publishers found out, they would withdraw from the deal. The deal was, therefore, both important in itself and the consequence it could have on other deals.
Secondly, Steve Jobs used the tip of showing both kinds of value. Jobs exhibited two different types of value while communicating to his negotiating partner via email. One of his values was positive while the other one was negative. For the positive value, he emphasized benefits that Harper Collins publisher would earn from the deal. For instance, Steve Jobs wrote on his email conversation praising Apple Company. He stated that it was the only publisher capable of during that time that could cause serious impacts despite being in a position to work with at least four of the six big publishers available and already signed up.
On Jobs positive kind of value, he hands HarperCollins a tool for opposing Amazon domination of the publishing industry. However, he gives a hint claiming that should HarperCollins fail to keep with the market dynamics, its competitors may shut it down through stiff competition. Therefore, he asks Harpers wisely to upgrade its publishing systems in order to keep up with the competition and the market demands.
Finally, Steve Jobs employed the negotiation tip of laying out reality. He applies coup de grace that relates to the first tip. Steve Jobs lays out a simple reality when he declares the possible choices for HarperCollins. He recommends that HarperCollins interject with Apple Publishers to see what to give up before making real investment into the publishing industry. Jobs suggest an eBook market mainstream at $12.99 and &14.99. His second suggestion is that HC should keep collaborating with Amazon at $9.99. This will consequently result into a little more profit in the short run. Since Amazon is a shareholder too, Amazon will be likely to insist on paying up to 70% of the possible $9.99. The third suggestion from Jobs is that HC to hold its books from Amazon. The consequence of holding the books is that people will start stealing them. In addition, Jobs says that stealing the eBooks will be the onset of piracy, a fact that he confesses to has seen.
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Mansueto, Ventures. 5 Negotiation Tips from Steve Jobs. INC. New York: NY. November 17, 2011. Read More
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Negotiation Strategies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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