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The backup should be kept away from the computer to protect the data from damage or from a virus attack. the sceond guideline is to have a biometric security measure to…
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Management info Systems Discussion WK5
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Comprehensive Security System Comprehensive Security System A comprehensive security system ought to have the elements of a proper backup sytem for each data file. The backup should be kept away from the computer to protect the data from damage or from a virus attack. the sceond guideline is to have a biometric security measure to protect the data from theft by individuals for instance from hackers. Biometric measures also include setting up of a firewall to ensure that data is not accessed without authorization by a third party.Physical security is also important because it protects the computer system from harms way and should form the guidelines for a comprehensive security system. Furthermore, a software security system should be put in place to protect theft of software and useful applications on the same. On the other hand, a security system should intergrate an online transaction security as well as a computer emergency response team in times of a red alert (Wright, 2009). Therefore, the above summary includes some of the vital guidelines for a comprehensive security system.
The most important guideline is the backup because it ensures safety of computer data that is stored away from the computer. It is significant because it forms a restore point incase data is stolen or destroyed by a virus. Moreover, in case of fire and the computer system is burnt down, the backup would be used to retrieve all relevant information that was in use previously. It would also act as a software backup hence its importance as compared to the rest.
The physical security measures could be eliminated and the system would not be weakened.this is because the physical security protects the hardware but not the software of the computer system. The most difficult measure to enforce is the biometric system because humans can access it say a workmate who knows the system’s passwords. On the other hand, due to advancement in technology, hackers have improved their hacking tactics and can hack a security system provided that they have a right tools to do so.
In conclusion, a comprehensive security system is important because it protects the computer system from damage, theft, virus attack and provision of a restore point (backup). Therefore, the guidelines should be followed keenly to ensure a comprehensive security system.
Joe Wright. (2009). Computer and Information Security Handbook. Pages 255-258 Read More
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Management Info Systems Discussion WK5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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