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Choose one environment you are familiar with and describe how a project manager has led effectively. Describe the constraints within this environment that…
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Unit 1 Project Overview
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Unit Project Overview Identify the types of professional environments where you would expect to find project management techniques being used. Choose one environment you are familiar with and describe how a project manager has led effectively. Describe the constraints within this environment that would affect the success of the project.
In organizations and businesses project management techniques are concerned with anything, especially changing things, in any department or function. Generally, project management techniques can be found in the following professional environments namely; people, staffing and management,IT and communications, human resources development and training, materials, manufacturing and production, materials, manufacturing and production etc. and anything else which requires planning and managing within businesses.
An example of how a project manager has led effectively (my choice is airline industry)
In recent past, British Airways hired a new managing director. When this managing director started, he realized that the firm was not effective and was wasting valuable resources. To make the company more cost-effective, this managing director resolved to reshape the entire company. He noticed that the best approach to do this was via a change methodology management plan.
Methodically, the firm started reducing its employees. However, before this was done, via his change management leadership, the managing director gave the organization the reasons for the reorganization and privatization of the firm so as to prepare them for the impending change. Therefore, through leadership and communication, managing director directed his organization through a tough time that could have been harmful without effective change management resistance communication (Burke, 2013).
One constraint in this environment that would affect the success of the project is lack of enough resources to pay the workers being laid off. The other constraint is communication deficit – where project manager fails to provide appropriate information to enough people, along with the lack of a structure or culture for effective communication.
2) Reflect on the various roles discussed dealing with how project managers respond to change. Describe an instance involving change, in which you should have or did model the way as a project manager. Explain what you learned from this experience.
An instance involving change
The British Airways is ineffective and is wasting valuable resources. To return the company to profitability, as the company project manager who is responding to this change I have to decide to change the entire company. This can be achieved through a change methodology management plan. Systematically I will start reducing the company employees. But before reducing them, through change management leadership, I will have to provide the company with the reasons for the change and privatization of the company so as to prepare workers for the upcoming change.
My experience
From this experience I have learned that so as to respond quickly to the change, I should have a project change management plan which depicts what will happen when change will occur. Additionally, I have learned that the change management plan should not be aimed at averting the change, but it should be aimed at outlining a process that will makes clear how change will be communicated, how decisions will be made, and how the project will adjust accordingly.
Burke, R. (2013).Project Management Techniques. Burke Publishing. Pg. 167 -190 Read More
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Unit 1 Project Overview Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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