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Medtronic Case Study - Assignment Example

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This case study is centered towards Medtronic which was initially a small repair shop of medical equipment serving all manufacturers of medical devices. Omar Ishrak is the first non-American CEO of the company who had certain expansion plans for the firm. His aim was to…
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Medtronic Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages All these factors accounted for overall failure of the company and eventually reduced dynamic growth of the company to zero. On the contrary, the newly appointed CEO of the firm, Omar Ishrak witnessed major challenges in terms of retrieving the position of the company in the market place. During the first 18 months, the new CEO was able to plan for company’s future growth prospect through R&D investment in order to develop innovative medical therapies. To facilitate short term prospect of the company, Omar Ishrak had always favored business model innovations and creative product development. However the major focus of the newly appointed CEO was to overcome all possible adoption barriers prevalent in emerging economies. The CEO even restructured his organization so that all the team members are aligned with the innovative goals and objectives of the firm. There was proper restructuring done of the entire executive team as well as their respective responsibilities. The heads of global operating regions of Medtronic now directly reported to the CEO instead of head of International. Many non-Americans were even appointed for executive committee. The company’s one of the biggest achievement was acquisition of a Chinese orthopedic company. However this case study reveals that Omar Ishrak is in a dilemma as to whether the steps taken to transform Medtronic into a global firm is sufficient or it requires more innovative strategies for sustaining growth.
The objective of the case study is to put across different dimensions of international business. It has been observed that in international expansion strategy organizations need to adopt innovative business models. In this study strategic dimensions will be aligned with the success or failure of international business. The entire study will be conducted from a consultant’s perspective so as to evaluate the expansion strategies undertaken by the firm. There would be even suggestions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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