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Personal Statement ( Masters of International Business) - Admission/Application Essay Example

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I am a highly motivated and self-driven individual who believes that a Masters of International Business from your institution will put me in good stead professionally. My experiences have allowed me to grow professionally, academically, and personally. My application to be…
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Personal Statement ( Masters of International Business)
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Extract of sample "Personal Statement ( Masters of International Business)"

Module Position Paper I am a highly motivated and self-driven individual who believes that a Masters of International Business from your institution will put me in good stead professionally. My experiences have allowed me to grow professionally, academically, and personally. My application to be admitted to your program is the summation of all my experiences thus far, and I am positive that I will be part of your fraternity in due time. I hold an undergraduate degree in business administration from DeAnza College and an OBL (Organization, Behavior, and Leadership) major from the University of San Francisco. The OBL program armed me with priceless knowledge in the application of organizational, behavioral, and leadership theories in a professional capacity. Hult will help me further my career by adding a Masters to my academic honors, and enhance my professional prospects. Hult will also provide me with a multicultural setting that will refine my interpersonal and communication skills, attributes that are essential in international business.
About 2 years ago I was involved in a fatal accident, and the victim died shortly afterwards. It was a devastating and chastening experience for me, my family, and the victim’s family. The fact that the incident happened abroad made my experience worse because I was not conversant with the law and other practices in that country. However, I remained steadfast in my studies. I went to school and participated in the case at the same, something which was hectic but necessary. This situation had a profound impact on my life in various ways. I lost concentration in school as the case wore on, my grades plummeted and my life seemed to have derailed. I genuinely thought that my future was doomed by this incident, and I started developing negative thoughts. However, after speaking to people it dawned on me that if I ignored school I would lose even more. That is when I decided to apply myself in school despite the case. I managed to move on from the incident, and it made me very strong mentally; I am more determined now and ready for any challenges. It made me better and more motivated to lead and learn. My grades improved after the incident, which is testament to my determination and resolve. I consider the program at Hult to be a challenge and I am prepared to make the required sacrifices to surmount it (Rybarczyk 14).
I travel to my home country twice a year and whenever I can I help my father in the family business. I attend regular meetings, learn more about the business, employees, work in the sales and marketing department, and supervise the production line. This experience improves my understanding and knowledge about the market and competitors, and hones my strategic acuity. Besides the family business, I do sales and marketing for my friend who owns an automotive shop. I hope to expand the family business and my friend’s company so that they can grow sustainably and globally.
Studying at Hult will be the crowning moment of my career, and I look forward to making the most of the opportunity. I believe that we will have a mutually beneficial relationship that will leave impressions on both of us. I am looking forward to joining your institution. Read More
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(Personal Statement ( Masters of International Business) Admission/Application Essay)
Personal Statement ( Masters of International Business) Admission/Application Essay.
“Personal Statement ( Masters of International Business) Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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