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This paper "The Challenge of Consistency and Security" focuses on the recent news of intelligence leak from the NSA third-party contractor that has called for the greater need for security in the architecture and infrastructure for both classified and unclassified assets in MIDPAC region.  …
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The Challenge of Consistency and Security
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The Challenge of Consistency and Security
Recent news of intelligence leak from the NSA third party contractor has called for the greater need for security in the architecture and infrastructure for both classified and unclassified assets in MIDPAC region. Assets include data as well as materials and inventory resources.
One of the key responsibilities to avoid security issues is to keep inventories updated to early detect security and/or infrastructure breach. Each node in the supply chain from procurement, transportation, inventory management to production control and disposal opens possibility of compromise that could undermine operational level of service of the organization
Experience has also shown that the hiring of third party vendor in IT, logistics management, infrastructural and technology upgrade and other functions in the organization opens the possibility of unauthorized intrusion, breach and use of such data and infrastructure.
Consistency in the enforcement of protocols that maintain the integrity of IT as well as physical infrastructure is needed such as IA standard plans, policies and /or procedures governing DON,DOD, USMC and regional IT capability operation, integrity, security compliancy, availability and sustainment including IP video surveillance, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), cipher locks and approved storage containers. Consistent implementation of these protocols not only to avoid data and infrastructure compromise but also to deter attempt any forms of breach.

Effective leadership and overseeing of personnel helps to avoid human inconsistency in the implementation and enforcement of security and compliance protocols. It also helped to maintain consistency in the compliance in enforcement of protocols of security and inventory control with the implementation of Information Assurance program that does not only maintain consistence but also determines and recommend appropriate actions to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency.
Having a consistent data center standard, processes and procedure as well as intrusion free record in security meets the service as well as well as security objectives in all operational areas.
The challenge of consistency and security is addressed by the implementation of Information Assurance program that would not only determine and recommend appropriate actions to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency but also maintain the structural as well as data integrity consistent with the service level goals of the organization.
The implementation and compliance to best practices in Logistics Management of implementing quality assurance in every node of supply chain helps to maintain sound inventory. The coordination with project managers Contracting Officer’s Representatives (COR) in the design and construction of new facilities and in modernization, restoration, or sustainment projects for existing facilities ensures compliance with DoD Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) and thus helps achieve service level objective in all operational areas. Read More
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