How Brands Win by Listening - Assignment Example

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Each and company works to improves its brand; that will ensure greater customer relationship. A company with a well-established brand name will for sure attract the best customers in the industry. In this video, Jeff Bodzewsk highlights the…
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How Brands Win by Listening
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"How Brands Win By Listening", presented by Jeff Bodzewsk. Brand is a vital aspect of marketing. Each and company works to improves its brand; that will ensure greater customer relationship. A company with a well-established brand name will for sure attract the best customers in the industry. In this video, Jeff Bodzewsk highlights the power of improving the brand through listening. On his speech, Jeff emphasizes on the power of social marketing on improving the brand. Consumers are the backbone of every company hence they should be in the heart of the conversation. The contemporary business environment demands that companies should look at things differently. The customers are well informed, and most of them are on the social media. Using the social media to sell the brand will not only upturn the company’s sales but will also enable the company to identify areas that need improvements. In this regards, the power of listening through social media stands out to be one of the effective marketing strategies in the 21st Century. How do marketing managers engage with the consumers and how brands can capitalize on the power of listening are important factors that every business should focus on as stated by Jeff.
Jeff Bodzewsk argues that the power of social marketing is characterized by three major phases:
Phase 1. You got to have a social media. That is; you have to be in the social media to know how it works and the views of the customers towards your brand.
Phase 2. You have to run after every social media that is out there. You have to be updated with the current trends within the social media.
Phase 3. You should know how to listen. You should learn efficiently to analyze the customers’ views about the product.
The power of social marketing on improving the brand is not just a theoretical aspect or rather a practical one. Jeff Bodzewsk gave several examples to highlight this point. However, the example of Nissan stands out to be a great example on the importance social marketing. Nissan had not been getting the best reviews on the social media regarding their brands. Their reaction was quite splendid. They took this positively, and they listened to consumers’ opinions and integrated them into improving their brand. The fact that they did that through social media is the outstanding fact.
Since this presentation was released in 2010, several companies have engaged in a “listening strategy”. For example, Samsung has improved its brands tremendously by launching different kinds of brands of its smartphones. The power of social marketing has played a vital role in this process. That is; Samsung uses social media to determine tastes and preferences of its customers. Thereafter, it produces brands that satisfy those taste and preferences. Jeff Bodzewsk’s advice on the power of listening is an important business aspect that every business entity should implement. Companies such as General Motors Ltd should implement this strategy. This is because General Motors has not been active on social media. It is not enough to just start the conversation, but a firm should go deep and inquire what the consumers think about the brand. Through this General Motors Ltd will improve its market demand because most of its customers prefer social media as a source of information.
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How Brands Win by Listening Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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