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It has been the company routine to award bonuses to its employees annually, a privilege that has also been stipulated in the contract between the employer and the employee. Due to some administration constraints that are unavoidable, there are some changes that are expected in…
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Correspondence packet
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Extract of sample "Correspondence packet"

Memo Memorandum Simu Technologies Company Employees Human Resource Manager September 18, Company Bonus
It has been the company routine to award bonuses to its employees annually, a privilege that has also been stipulated in the contract between the employer and the employee. Due to some administration constraints that are unavoidable, there are some changes that are expected in terms of giving out the bonus. Please review this memo and get more clarification.
The company normally gives its employees bonus for the purpose of motivation which has always seen the company excel in various fields. The expected holiday bonus will not be distributed due to an unexpected downturn in the company’s profit. This has been witnessed for the first time since the company initiated this program.
However, the company is committed to its mandates and responsibility, doing all it can to ensure that things return to normalcy. Due to this inconvenience, the human resource department has decided to award an extra week to cater for leaves of the employees on top of the annually awarded days. In addition, the when the time comes for awarding the bonus, an extra 20% of the bonus will be awarded to each individual.
In case of any inconvenience that may arise as a result of this, the company wishes to notify the affected employees that it is very apologetic and will intervene where it can to help.
If anyone has an issue regarding this subject matter, please feel free to contact me.
Memo 2:
Simu Technologies
To: Company Employees
From: Human Resource Manager
Date: September 18, 2014
Subject: Policy Change
The management has noted the curiosity that has taken toll among most company employees as a result of recent dismissal of one of the staff members. The company wishes to inform the affected individuals that it was due to unavoidable circumstances that are in line with company policy that led to the dismissal of Craig Wilson.
Wilson was legally expelled from his position after support personnel discovered illegally downloaded content on his computer during system upgrade. The company has a strong feeling that the use of company assets in this manner violates the company policy in a way.
It is also a reminder to the employees that use of office computers for personal and/or illegal reasons that are stated in the company’s ICT code of conduct is against the company policy and may result into termination.
The mangers will perform randomized searches it every computers to ensure that such instances do not occur at all cost. Any person that may feel that his or her rights are infringed in a way may be in a wrong place. In case one has a burning issue to do with this, please feel free to seek assistance.
Email 1:
Dear Susan Monk,
I am writing this e-mail in response to the recent e-mail addressed to Warren Enterprise regarding a onetime fee of $2,000 to have a metal sign with the company’s logo and contact information hung on the fence that enclose the local baseball stadium.
Due to nature of its sensitivity and company policy that must be adhered to, I would wish to inform you that at the moment it may not be an easy task. Several protocols need to be followed which limits me as an individual to have all this done.
I have forwarded this matter to the concerned parties and I would wish to inform you that as soon as final decision has been reached upon, I shall officially get back to you.
Email 2;
Dear Susan Monk,
I am writing this e-mail in response to the recent mail that you addressed to our company about onetime fee of $2,000 to have a metal sign with the company’s logo and contact information hung on the fence that enclose the local baseball stadium.
The company is always committed to what sell its brand, but our recent experience with Chambers of commerce was not pleasant at all.
A float that Warren Enterprises paid $1,000 to sponsor in the town’s annual Patriot Days parade was poorly constructed and had a misrepresentation of your company’s logo. Our previous attempts to have the money refunded to the company have been futile.
The company was requesting for a refund or a reduction in the contribution to sponser the sign at the local baseball field.
I am looking forward to get a kind feedback from you.
Cover memo;
Date: September 18, 2014
Subject: Strategies in completing the assignments
The given assignments were done independently and focused on major themes that were expected for each question. The assignment was not done with that much ease as some challenges ensued.
The first challenge was to assume the postion of these different top mangers and their roles at the same time appearing in diferent forms. Anther challenge was that most of the material used were never obtained from the internet as most of them needed critical and creative thinking. It also took time in gaining access to reference materials.
The assignments have been done as instructed and meet the specific standard required. For more clarity, feel free to contact me at any time.
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