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The support of life after the war is a social responsibility of the United Nations but the actions of the international organization and the Australian Wheat Board led to the ethical issues. The involvement in corruption and war to support Iraq government in the build up to the…
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Business ethic
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Oil for Food Scandal What are some of the main ethical and social responsibility issues involved in this case or dilemma?
The support of life after the war is a social responsibility of the United Nations but the actions of the international organization and the Australian Wheat Board led to the ethical issues. The involvement in corruption and war to support Iraq government in the build up to the desert storm and the Second World War was a major dilemma for the international community. In fact, it led to the confusion in action taken by the international government. The dilemma in the case was whether to support the current government or to enter into war with the challenge of supporting the society after the event. In conclusion, the challenge was on both AWB and oil protocol.
Who are the main stakeholders and what are each of their primary interests?
The main stakeholders in the case study are Iraq government and the international community including the US and Australia. Likewise, the primary interest of Australia was to obtain oil while offering food support to help in the recovery of the war torn Iraq after the desert storm. The primary interest of the Iraq government led by Saddam Hussein focused on protection of personal interest and development of the weapons of mass destruction.
What theoretical frameworks or models that you are aware of so far in this course might apply to this situation?
The ethical framework theories such as the teleological ethics can apply to the situation because it is based on the end result of the action. For instance, the food for oil, programs main aim was to ensure the Iraqis do not die of hunger after the operation desert storm which leads to loss of food reserves. However, the end result of the program was massive corruption making the idea wrong based on the teleological ethics theory. The consequence of the approach of the makes it a wrong approach in Iraq because of massive corruption and strengthening of the incumbent government which latter stocked itself with banned weapons including biological weapons of mass destruction. Utilitarianism ethical theory focuses on the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people. For instance, the attack of Iraq because of the existence of the biological weapons was considered a best option because it would benefit the whole world. Therefore, the theory supports the invasion of Iraq by the international community.
What actions or decisions would be likely to yield the most ethical and socially responsible outcome(s)?
The decision to open case against the eleven executive members of the AWB board is end product of unethical approach in problem solving for the Iraq case. The best approach was to ensure that the Iraq government pays for the goods and service provided instead of working on the Oil for Food strategy which failed miserable and led to empowerment of the incumbent government. In a good strategy in solving strategy ensures that the locals benefit and not the government officials.
Additional comments
The dilemma in the case relate to current world because of the challenges affecting individuals daily. The choices made daily affect the future of occurrence and events. The choice of courses to pursue in the career development will ultimately affect the outcome. In addition, the development personality is affected by the interaction between individuals. The molding of character is based on the interaction with people and learning. Read More
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Business Ethic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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