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Essential Theories of Motivation and Leadership in McDonalds - Term Paper Example

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This term paper "Essential Theories of Motivation and Leadership in McDonald's" describes different factors that influence the motivational level of employees in the organization. The employees of McDonald's in the UK, US, Germany, and China, are highly demotivated due to the low-wage rate…
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Essential Theories of Motivation and Leadership in McDonalds
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Extract of sample "Essential Theories of Motivation and Leadership in McDonalds"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of the report is to evaluate the factors that drive towards demotivation of the employees working in McDonald's. The aim of the report is to give possible solutions to the motivational issues faced by McDonald's based on motivational theories.
The focus of this study is to find out the different opinions and perspectives of the employees working in McDonald's. Employees working in countries like the UK, US, China & Germany, are facing many problems, which leads to demotivation. Employee views are always in contradiction with employers, and this contradiction creates issues and conflicts. Thus, the study is focused to find out the factors leading to demotivation and analyze the possible solutions concerned.
McDonald's, as an organisation, is serving 70M customers globally and the company has employed around 1.9M people globally (McDonald's, 2014a). Thus, research of a multinational company will help in increasing the knowledge about foreign boundaries and parameter. Moreover, the “McDonalds Legislation” which was acquired by McDonald's is new legislation in the global context. Thus, research on such organization will help in understanding the pattern as they become a trendsetter.
McDonald's is a huge name as a foodservice retailer globally. McDonald's has over 35,000 locations serving 70M customers globally in 100 countries. Independent owners operate more than 80% of the McDonalds franchises (McDonald's, 2014b). The goal of McDonald's is to become the customer’s favourite dining place where they can get their core favourites (Singer, 2014).
McDonald's acquire “McDonalds Legislation” according to which they can pay 20% less to the teenage employees compared to the federal government. This leads the employees of McDonald's to have motivational problems (Jean, 2013). Therefore, this is a factor for demotivation for the employees working in McDonald's. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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