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Women and Work in Canada ( WGST345 ) - Assignment Example

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The objective of this course assignment was to ‘Interview and Report a Woman about Her Paid and Unpaid Work’. There were no strict rules about the format of the…
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Women and Work in Canada ( WGST345 )
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Download file to see previous pages This interview report will be designed keeping in the mind the topics covered in the course.
The respondent I choose to be interviewed is a highly educated 40 years old working woman and a housewife. She completed her MBA in marketing 15-years back from a reputable university. After her graduation, she worked as a management trainee in an Instructional Designing department of a software house for 6 months. After completing her training she joined as an Instructional Designer in a multinational organization. Looking at her financial needs and market value she switched her job and joined as a Lead Instructional Designer in another multinational company. She then continued her career in different organizations and currently she is working as a Senior Instructional Designer in a health care unit. It was important to know that she did not work in isolation; she also got married 10 years ago and now lives with her husband and two children.
This respondent was chosen for interview because of two reasons. Firstly she was fulfilling all the requirements that were required for the interviewee. For instance, she is a woman whom I have seen doing paid and unpaid work since last many years and she has an extensive working experience for doing paid and unpaid work. Second, I have always found her frank and cooperative so I was sure that she will agree for the interview and comfortably discuss her work conditions. Indeed she will be happy that I chose her for sharing her thoughts and experiences.
I had clear goals in mind when I approached the lady for this interview. My main goal was to focus on her paid and unpaid work that she has previously done and doing today. I wanted to have detailed discussion with her in an informal manner regarding her work routines and responsibilities. Additionally, I was also interested in knowing her views about the issues that working women face in Canadian society: gender discrimination, equity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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