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The class has been highly useful to me, especially in terms of how it has offered me the insight into writing business reports by using the appropriate style and formal language. In this context, my tutor has encouraged me to learn the mechanics of writing, with a specific focus…
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Evaluation report
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Linda BEIT 336 02 July Evaluation Report Things I Most liked in the The has been highly useful to me, especially in terms of how it has offered me the insight into writing business reports by using the appropriate style and formal language. In this context, my tutor has encouraged me to learn the mechanics of writing, with a specific focus on business report and now I am confident that I will be able to use these skills and knowledge in execution of practical tasks when I get employed. Besides, the presentation we did as a group has helped me learn how to organize and present ideas in a crisp and clear manner to an audience. It has also helped me overcome my initial hesitation in confronting and communicating before an audience. Besides, the detailed lectures augmented by relevant notes from my tutor have helped me to organize my ideas and present them in a comprehensive and coherent manner through the assignments given in the class. Another significant aspect of the class has been the manner in which it has imbibed in me a sense of responsibility and the need to submit assignments in time by honoring the deadline. Thus, I have been able to hand in the print out of my assignment in time without any hassles.
Things I Least Liked in the Class:
In view of the major benefits the class has offered me, I have not been able to discern any significant shortcomings in the class. The only minor issue that I can point out is the delay in updating the grades and communicating it so that I can know my position.
Suggestion for Tutor to Improve the Class:
I personally feel that if instructor could return the marked assignments with feedback a bit earlier, it will help the students to avoid similar mistakes in the next assignments. Such feedback, if received earlier, will help them to significantly increase their scores in future tasks. Similarly, it will make the learning process easier and less cumbersome, if the assignments during summer are reduced as this is not a convenient season to spend long hours on assignments. Read More
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Evaluation Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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