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The cost of the automated labeling system is the information technology infrastructure, which has to be established to ensure that ASRS labeling system is fully automated. Such includes having to source for highly skilled personnel to support the entire process of the…
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Automated Labeling System (Cost Benefit Analysis an IRR)
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ASRS ASRS Cost benefit analysis of Automated Labeling System for an ASRS The cost of the automated labeling system is the information technology infrastructure, which has to be established to ensure that ASRS labeling system is fully automated. Such includes having to source for highly skilled personnel to support the entire process of the development of the system to its full automation phase. Such individuals are expensive to compensate in terms of labor and time taken (Michaelyn et al., 2002). The organization also has to incur a cost of training its employees on how to use the new system, which implies a reduction of the man-hours for employees as they are trained on the best use of the technology in attaining the desired efficiency and success level. However, the intuitive controls for the system facilitates in ensuring that the training efforts are reduced significantly.
The benefit of the automated labeling system for an ASRS is that the ASRS is fully automated and it attains a higher operation and efficiency in terms of storage and retrieval of information and data. Thus, the process time for the system is improved significantly with the automation of the labeling system. Moreover, the automation creates an opportunity for the integration of the system with all the electrical and mechanical software and hardware, which is provided. The implementation of the system will also ensure that ASRS attains cost effectiveness, flexibility and reliability in the conduct of its services (Michaelyn et al., 2002). Furthermore, process scheduling and data management occurs effectively. Such entails tracking of the results. The automation will also address the issue of the personnel shortage since there is less manpower needed for the operation of the system. Such employees are relocated to other job tasks in the organization, which are demanding a boost on their man-power level. Hence, system automation will ensure that the storage and retrieval time is reduced significantly. In addition, monitoring and evaluation of the performance level of this system can be done easily by tracking the results of the system output on daily basis.
Internal rate of return of Automated Labeling System for an ASRS
The internal rate of return for implementing the automated labeling system is very high. Such is based on the potential of the system to improve on the performance and efficiency of ASRS, which increases the productivity and profitability level of the organization. The system also has a higher rate of return on the investment based on its cost effectiveness, improvement of the accessibility and flow, labor reduction, easy maintenance and saving on the floor space.
With reference to the cost benefit analysis, as well as the internal rate of return of the automated labeling system for an ASRS, there is a need to implement the system. This is because the benefits of such an implementation outweigh the cost of the process. Further, the implementation of the system will contribute in the improvement of the CanGo performance output, productivity, efficiency and profitability level. Thus, CanGo cannot afford to fail to implement the system since it will be beneficial in the process of organization growth and development.
Michaelyn, H, Myoung-ja, L, Michael, P, & Maria, W. (2002). "The automated storage and retrieval
system (ASRS) in Lied Library", Library Hi Tech, Vol. 20 Iss: 1, pp.71 – 89. Read More
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