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It focuses on a product or service that can be purchased for money. My business idea is a bakery. A bakery is a place where pastry products such as bread, cake are made and then sold. It is also called…
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Business Research Report
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BUSINESS RESEARCH REPORT al Affiliation BUSINESS RESEARCH REPORT A business idea is any notion used for private enterprise purposes. It focuses on a product or service that can be purchased for money. My business idea is a bakery. A bakery is a place where pastry products such as bread, cake are made and then sold. It is also called bakeshop.
A bakery provides a big range of products. The products include cakes, breads, doughnuts, muffins, and many more pastries. The products have a wide market. This is because the products can be sold to customers who visit the shop for take away or even eat at the bakery and also can be sold to people who distribute to shops and hotels.
The general purpose of the bakery in providing its products to the customers is to contribute to the everyday eating plan. Through this, it contributes to the food and beverage industry.
The amount of profit earned will be determined by the amount of money paid by customers for baked goods subtracted from the amount of money spent on buying the products. The profit depends on what is baked and how much is charged for baked goods.
Several obstacles come along the establishment of such business as bakery. One of them is the lack of funds to purchase the required equipments for this work. This is because some products require special equipments, for example, baking of wedding cakes. Baking of breads also requires slicing machines that are expensive hence a lack of enough funds is a major obstacle to the business.
The other obstacle to a successful bakery business is that there has been a problem in the number of qualified personnel, in bakeries. These are the trained bakery technologists. This has lead to slowed development in the bakery industry. This has been a major obstacle because there is no growth in the food and beverage industry since no new products are introduced in the market. There have been several business partners in the bakery businesses. This is some of those who have careers in foods. Some of those who had successful businesses include the following: AB Mauri Bakery AMOUN PITA NATURAL BAKERS ARCHWAY COOKIES Achatz Handmade Pie Company Al Dente Pasta, Inc. Aladdin Bakers Albuquerque Tortilla Alessi Bakeries Alpha Baking Co. Alpine Valley Bread Alvarado Street Bakery American Italian Pasta Co. Amorosos Baking Co. Annie Pies Gourmet Bakery Artuso Pastry Foods Corp. Athens Pastries, Inc. Atticus LLC dba Chabaso Bakery Aunt Millies Bakeries Blackhawk Bakery Bloomfield Bakers Blue Bonnet Bakery BoDeans Baking Co. Cereal Food Processors Inc. Cereal Ingredients IncChattanooga Bakery Inc/Moon Pie Cheksea Milling Group Cheryl & Co. Gourmet Cookies Claxton Bakery Inc. Clydes Delicious Donuts Collin Street Bakery Consolidated Biscuit Co. Deerfields Delice European Bakery Delicias Dempsters Derst Baking Company Desserts Of Distinction, Inc. Flowers Bakeries Inc. Flowers Foods Foxtail Foods Franklin Street Bakery .
Some of the resources for additional information include:
Narrowly-Focused Information; when carrying out a research for a business start-up, it is necessary to ensure that you gather information that is specific to your product or service.
Legal and Regulatory Research; Business related research includes an understandable review of the laws and regulations that govern your business.
Data from market; when goods made are not sold, it is obvious that very little or no profit is made.
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