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Rather than focus on individual economic decisions, macroeconomics focuses on the movements of entire economies. Although many people view macroeconomics as complex, it does have some helpful key principles that can…
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Macroeconomics Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages This is after the government incentives towards installation of solar panels as a way of reducing environmental pollution and provides a cheap source of energy. However, this project draws a great attention to the macroeconomics Analysis, its resultant outcomes and impacts to the economy.
Generally, the beginning of the whole project will impact on the GDP. GDP simply refers to Gross Domestic Product, which is the monitory value of the goods and services produced within a country at a particular period of time, probably one year. The GDP comprises of the domestic consumption - the consumer spending, government spending, sum of the county’s business and the total net exports.
There will be a general increase in the GDP of the country. On the introduction of the solar panel project, many industries will emerge to produce the solar panels. This will give an additional product in the list of goods produced within the country. A production of excess of the panels will also add to the country’s exports. The government, because it is its initiative to run the project, will also invest in the solar panel project. Many people will also be motivated to get the solar panels installed on their roofs, hence spending on the project. The whole project will create an expansion in the service industry. People, the likes of Cindy will specialise installation of the solar panels. The same specialists may also export their services to other countries who are importing the solar panels.
The product of solar panels in substitution to the electricity among other sources of energy will come with intensive support and high demand in the local, domestic and international markets. This demand will be as a result of the product being cheap. Comparing the purchase, installation and maintenance of the solar energy among other types of energy such as generators and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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