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Defining Social Responsibility - Assignment Example

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The American Civil Rights Movement was carried out to eliminate racism against the African Americans from the society. The prime motivation behind holding the American Civil Rights Movement was…
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Defining Social Responsibility
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"Defining Social Responsibility"

Download file to see previous pages An act of social responsibility that has influenced my life is the recycling of waste done by the waste-management department the area where I live. This not only reduces waste but also helps save money and resources. Having been raised in such an environment, this act of government has influenced me in a very positive way since I tend to produce minimal waste. The motivation behind it reflects my personal value of building a safe environment to promote better health of the society as well as other living beings. Social responsibility, as the name implies, is the responsibility of an agency, organization, individual, or entity toward the society for its prosperity, development, and well-being. An act of social responsibility that government can take is allowing religious freedom to people. “[R]eligious values are healthy for society, and that restoring them is the key to overcoming our current moral and social problems” (Wilson, 1991). Another example that supports my definition of social responsibility is that doing something for others also enriches the life of the contributor (Loeb, 2010, p. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Defining Social Responsibility Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Defining Social Responsibility Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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Social responsibility
... framework. This challenge may be viewed as indirect or direct societal demands to integrate environmental and social principles into business activities (Anderson 24). In recent times, it has become somewhat widespread to define this responsibility as CSR. Without a doubt CSR has become a recent organizational task over the years, particularly when seen from the point of view of the increasing obligations and demands of sustainability. Four kinds of social responsibility have been developed by Carroll (1979), namely, economic, legal, ethical, and philantrophic (as cited in Lober 6-7). *image taken from Lober 7 The bottom level, which is economic responsibilities, is the most important to a business organization. As businesses... up with...
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Social Responsibility
...? Social Responsibility of the of the Table of Contents Introduction 3 Social responsibility of corporate organizations 3 CSR practices in UAE 4 Public policy support for CSR in UAE 6 Conclusion 6 References 8 Introduction Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to practice in which the profit oriented corporate organizations make certain activities to improve welfare levels of the society. In the modern world, CSR has received significant attention from policy makers, corporate decision makers and the general stakeholders of the society. CSR is now established as a set of principles by following which, companies would be able to...
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Social Responsibility
...? Social Responsibility Introduction Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as the constant commitment of the management of the organization to behave in an ethical way so as to contribute to the society and environment along with goodwill enhancement of the organization as a whole. It also helped in enhancing revenue of the organization resulting in amplification of its total profit margin. Due to which, it also helped in improving the quality of standard of the workforces as well as their families and the local society as a whole. It might help in enhancing the reputation and portfolio of the organization in the society thereby amplifying its...
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Social Responsibility
...that is closely related to the 'lack of human touch' that has come to define the supermarket experience. But not all is negative about how supermarkets are perceived by the general public in the UK. With more supermarket chains in the UK taking social responsibility seriously, their endeavours in this direction have contributed to a change in public perception. Further, in a survey carried out recently to measure accountability and trust levels on British business enterprises, the results were mixed for supermarkets. Interestingly, Tesco came out on top in a few parameters like convenience and came at the bottom in terms of its sustainability policies. What we have here, in the case...
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...Defining Social Work Each individual that enters into the social work field needs to understand that each person that comes to them for assistance is in some form of need. Many times this means that they are in a crisis and they require specific treatment in order to realize where they are in their lives and what they need to do next. The role of the social worker should be to help an individual move forward with their lives with dignity. According to the Department of Health, social workers: "…form partnerships with people: helping them to assess and interpret the problems they face, and supporting them in finding solutions. They have to know how the...
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Social Responsibility
...Social responsibility Social responsibility Placing company’s interest over personal interest Social responsibility is the abilityof a company to conduct its business in an ethical manner and in the best interest of the community. It is significant for managers to place the company’s interests over their personal interest because in this manner, the company is in a position to respond positively to emerging societal expectations and priorities. If personal interests are given first priority, it will result in conflict of interest between managers and employees thus affecting the performance of the company (Porter & Kramer, 2007)....
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Social Responsibility
...responsibility works to the best interest of the society. In other words, social responsibility seeks to promote social welfare subject to the decisions and actions taken by business enterprises. The underlying welfare is defined in terms of social impacts that result from the daily business activities of many and different enterprises. The business fraternity is expected to play a moral and ethical role in developing the society as they progress with their daily activities. This implies that part of their success and benefit should be channeled to the society. Essentially, the three primary factors that social...
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Social Responsibility
...Social responsibility Social responsibility refers to the ability of companies to see the need and maintain a good relationship between business and the ecosystem. That is, every organization must operate on measures that benefit the environment in one way or another. It is upon companies to be responsible enough to take care of the environment in which their businesses operate. It does not only employ to the organizations alone, but to any individual within the environment of economic development. This paper outlines the importance of social responsibility to the company and the environment as it attracts staff, enables...
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Social Responsibility
...their business. 2. What is your definition of social responsibility? Does it fit into Friedmans definition? Why or why not? Do you think businesses have a social responsibility to their fellow man? Why or why not? My definition of social responsibility is responsibility for shareholders, employees, consumers, communities where businesses operate, and the environment. This does not fit into Friedman’s definition to some extent. My social responsibility definition agrees with Friedman that social responsibility promotes the goal of increasing...
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