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Tips for Trainers - Research Paper Example

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A seasoned trainer comes across different types of personalities; these personalities can make a training session ‘a dream’ by exhibiting a learning attitude with active listening and by sharing relevant experiences or by asking relevant questions. On the contrary the…
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Tips for Trainers
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Download file to see previous pages article, the comic trainee who attempts to make jokes and a well delivered joke uplifts the session while a mistimed one or an explicit one can increase awkwardness. This particular type lies somewhere between the chatterboxes and the challengers as they tend to add unwanted humor based on their own experiences, most of the time with long explanations (Shetty, 2010).
One can counter chatterboxes (talkative) trainees by paying more attention to them and asking them questions about the training subject. The introverts or slow learners (passive) trainees may open up if they are paired up with chatterboxes and made leaders of the group in training activities, asking them questions can result in a childish silence so encourage them in non-direct ways or throw really easy questions at them. The know-it-all or challenger (angry) type can be handled by recognizing their contribution and then throwing the same question back at them, new information or facts can satisfy them and only a confident trainer would subdue their high self confidence so knowing the inside out of subject area is very important, irrelevant questions or experiences can be kept for after the training discussion usually held one to one. You do not want to hurt somebody’s feelings as a trainer, if a joke is delivered well and taken well by the participants then the comedian can get confident and make more tries although as a trainer you have an agenda to follow hence you should always tell the participants that the session is for learning purpose and that we should get back to the topic at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tips for Trainers Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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